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Learn 2 common phrasal verbs with break with chances to practice your pronunciation too. Improve all points of #English while you study these phrasal verbs!
Why are phrasal verbs important? -
Phrasal verbs are extremely common in casual English, learning to use phrasal verbs correctly will help you sound natural in casual conversation. #eigo #英会話 #grammar

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English prepositions - FOR (Listen to 15 natural example sentences!) In this video I'll teach you 4 ways we use this preposition with lots of natural example sentences, that are very common and easy to remember!
#eigo #英会話 #英語 #English

Many people knew in 1994, a journalist, his name "Kevin Carter" decided to suicide because he was haunted by a starved African child.

She would come over to the UN refugee camp to get food. In the middle of her journey just a few meters away, a vulture was ready to catch her.

Many questions came up after the tragedy but the questions have never answered.

how come he did not help the little girl? he preferred taking a picture than helping her although he took that moment perfectly in South Africa.

seeing a vulture behind her, she was frightened. kevin had been waiting about 20 minutes in order to the vulture went away but he just took a picture of her because the vulture had not gone away.

instead, Kevin left her behind because he was worried transmitted by skin disease.

there is a journalist doctrine says :

catch the moment - getting rewards or helping them - losing everything

but unfortunately, the option goes to the first

Whatever had happened, Kevin Carter had won Pulitzer on his masterpiece and 3 months later he died.

This is journalism vs humanity.

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English Idiom - A Slap on the Wrist (With natural example sentences!) Do you know what “A slap on the wrist means” means? Do you know how to use it in #English conversation? Watch this video and learn! #eigo #英会話 #英語

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From the news ~ Fill in the blank. Please DON’T write the answer in the comments! Check the link and if you are correct, come back and write “I got it!” in the comments :) This way everyone has a fair chance to guess for themselves.
Answer with definition and more example sentences @

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Learn the how to use “Hasn’t” and “Doesn’t Have” correctly in #English conversation. The topic of this video is from a real question from one of my private English students! #eigo #英会話 #grammar #英語

It's been a year since I started to learn english and I improved a lot. It's quite interesting to learn new languages, meet people from different countries and share experiences with each other.

I'm going to make an watsapp group . so
interested and enthusiastic people write your number in the comment box.

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Do you want to improve your #English communication and confidence? Add the conditional “IF” to your conversation skills and open up the doors of communication!

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