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We are as possible to expertise a major natural disaster as anyone else within the world. Food Insecurity Causes can result from.

Due to Natural Disasters or Economic and Social Crises
Natural disasters that produce power outages and block roads

Economic Disasters that force food prices up and produce food quickly alignment low cost
Flooding as a result of Crop destruction of essential food items

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Organic Gardening Fertilizers could be a sort of fertilizer that is derived from animals, well-mined minerals and plants.

Any organic fertilizer combination will feed the soil organisms manufacturing plant food in available plant form.


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The Entire Kit is Packaged in a rugged nylon carry case on wheels and has a carrying strap and external pockets for your medical supplies.

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Post has attachment shares useful information about prepping, emergency preparedness, and dealing with natural or man-made disasters.  We provide zombie survival kits, bug out bags, portable generators,first aid kits, disaster gear, and emergency  supplies. 

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Deal S, nice knowledge base! I especially like the one about 100 Items to disappear in a disaster.

I just got done reading an article Linked at on How to Save Bean Seeds
my comments were as follows!
My old scout leader is a Master Gardner and I listen to the ksl Green house show sometimes on Saturday mornings on “radio” I am a seed saver however I need more success. Your article on how to save bean seeds has brought me closer to being more efficient and successful to having food longevity!

Thanks From Ben
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