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Celebrating the final week of 2017

Let's summarize everything that has happened throughout this whole year.

January seemed like a pretty boring month to start off this year. One of our former members TheCrimsonFox betrayed us by causing flame wars with other TPNG members and tried taking authority by forcing us whoever he hated to ban. After a brief truce, he still continued to cause dramas by raiding +Ali Chan's community in an attempt to frame us for revenge. Afterwards, he got doxed, pizza bombed and banned the second time from TPNG before leaving Google+. UTTP rebel accounts also increased around this time, rumored that our former leader was behind those alts in an attempt to get back on TPNG and UTTP (the rumor eventually turned out to be false, see "June-August" as to who were truly behind the accounts).

After deciding to be on "neutral terms" with Christian Ramirez to keep an eye on his next move (we eventually made him a target once more months later), TPNG came across a new enemy named "Edgardo Burgos". To those who don't know Ed, he was a 25 year old autistic furfag pedo flirting with younger teens/kids online and reporting anybody with different opinions. carter partly took credit with doxing, pizza bombing and hacking him, thus ruining his reputation on Google+ and taking away his 1k+ followers. Although he briefly got the account back, it got terminated within a matter of weeks. However he still made new accounts, and more people paid attention to him.

TPNG got into a scuffle with Cringe Zone; a fail anti-fandom group who targeted innocent users and communities. Around November of 2016, we raided one of their allies known as "Cringe Park" of which at that time had 800+ members, before retreating to new communities, "Cringe Zone" being one of them. +Tayo Fox became mod and raided every community he was in. CZ then became an isolated shit-post community before dying out of inactivity.

TPNG along with Velvixia and The Leviathans got into a minor feud with an Anti-Fandom group known as A.X.I.S. We sent one of our spies to infiltrate the community and raid them. The raid failed, but at least caused A.X.I.S to die out of inactivity. One of our former rival groups known as "The Mushroom Empire" owned by ElRealMario64 also died around this time.

TPNG finally got back 360 members, for the first time since July 2015! This community not only got more members than the original community but also never got raided one time. In the latter part of the month, we also got the full dox of TPNG's long time enemy Christian Ramirez (credit to +mark grayson for the dox btw). Other than those two, nothing more relevant has happened in May.

Perhaps the most relevant and "bitter-sweet" moments of this year. TPNG came across with 2 enemies including Fortress-Buttercup and resumed feud with one of our old rival groups; Velvixia. It also saw the comeback of some former enemies including Stephen Larson, Quang, TheAnonymous7 but also return of old members such as TPNG's former leader ClassicKnight. It was revealed that Velvixia leader Chaocius hid behind some UTTP rebel accounts earlier this year (the other one being SirIvory UTTP), and tried provoking a war between TPNG and The Puritans. It ended when his community got raided, and us trucing with Velvixia in the end of the month. At the same time, a group known as "Fortress Buttercup", led by sgt. blossom attacked TPNG. carter also left Google+, after coincidentally getting suspended which was yet one of the most "heartbroken moments" of TPNG. Fortress Buttercup attempted to leak info out of several TPNG members. Me, Mark Grayson, ClassicKnight and The Pizza Man plotted some fake TPNG enemies so we can get info on Fortress Buttercup, and we faked being hacked for Team Plasma (our spy group) to gain their trust. After I sent an IP logger to sgt. blossom out of a fake hangouts convo, he was revealed to be ElRealMario64 all along. When we leaked his dox, he gave up and we gave him another chance. El would then become a reserve UTTP member. After getting rid of Quang and TheAnonymous7 off of Google+ once more, and trucing with one of our enemies, The Piano Furry, we got into a scuffle with Stephen Larson (one of the old UTTP leaders). He attempted to take back UTTP over, but we banned him and raided dozens of his communities.

After restarting another conflict with Stephen, we leaked his dox and tried contacting the school to bring him off of Google+ once more. The call was unsuccessful, but Stephen gave up in the end of the month by removing UTTP references from his profile. One of our enemies Edgardo Burgos also left Google+, after me and mark grayson contacted his brother.

We attacked the user Jesse Summerlin. To those who don't know him, he was similar to Ed, but with less awful grammar. After hacking, doxing, and raiding dozens of his communities, we ruined his reputation. It ended when he quit his acts and us "trucing". In the end of November, I also took down Christian Ramirez's main account with 1.4K followers.

Nothing relevant happened this month aside from us posting throwbacks and other side targets.

Merry Christmas! In hopes of a great 2018, better than this year.

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I don't take Google+ seriously anymore so I thought we could use inspirational music to motivate all of you.

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These shroomboys are very retarded seriously.

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Silly Chris, hiding behind an alt after everyone turned on you isn't really going to prevent anyone from finding you.
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Who is this person? I’m obviously smarter than you, more elusive and wise. I tend to watch from a distance and observe you. I’m a nice person, but pull my pin and I will explode.
My name? I tend to keep that a secret, and you will never know it.
Gender? Well I can be anything I want on the Internet.
Age? I’ll let you guess.

I have many interest, I also dislike many mainstream things unless it appeals to me on a personal level. As you can tell I have a wide variety of interest which include Splatoon, Music, memes, and much more, perhaps if you do befriend me you’ll learn more. I also dislike many things, let me show you the list.

These things will result in me not following you and or interacting with you in any way.

Vore (nuff said there)
Attention whoring
Night in the woods
Shut up collections
Pastel pink
Dead memes
Sensitive people
Non-legible fonts that are used out of context
More to be added soon...

Now many of you assume; “Wow this person must be a huge douche” you’re right about that, but I tend to make exceptions. Impress me and you’ll have my respect.

I don’t believe in second chances, I don’t show mercy and I will refuse to listen to anyone’s sob stories.

Roleplay? I tend to roleplay,it’s very enjoyable and fun to do when I’m bored. I only do NSFW and I require at least 6 lines, and for the love of Cthulhu please no god mode bullshit. Do not beg for a roleplay when I’ve said no, you will be blocked.

That being said, I hope you have a lovely day.

Other social media;
Twitter: SleepyInkling
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We have a target, for he is a false UTTP member.

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Diaper weirdo manchild who was in prison for a molestation or something I don't know
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Anyone else remembers ISAO?I just randomly found this photo through visiting some old photos I saved.

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Is there a theme song for this community?

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He revives this account and interferes after his alt got exposed, how cute lol
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