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(My RP Profile)

Name: Mia Nelson
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Faction: Rebellion
Rank: Jedi Padawan
Homeworld: Lothal
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair Color: Light brown that has an ombré of blue to purple
Outfit: Varies (Main outfits are in images below)
Weapons: 3 lightsabers (blue, green and purple; uses them at different times)
Force: Yes
History: Was abandoned my her parents at the age of 4, but Mira and Ephriam found her on the streets. They took her in and raised her, even though 6 year old Ezra and her didn't get along. The next year they thought that Mira and Ephriam died. When she was 13 and Ezra was 14, they were found by Kanan and were trained as Jedi.
(Please imagine the hair like I described it)
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