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Raise your wands to Alan Rickman, the most brilliant actor who fit in the role of Severus Snape with ease. An actor so versatile and marvellous, that there were NO differences between the book and the movie Snape. That , ladies and gentlemen, is a feat difficult to achieve.
Raise your wands to Alan Rickman, the bravest man I knew.
After all this time?

Rest In Peace.

Moderators and members-Plz can u invite as many Harry Potter as u can to this community? I'm trying to do a friendly competition with another Harry Potter fan

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Kiss Draco Malfoy
Date Dolores Umbridge
Prank with the Weasley twins
Play Quidditch
Speak Parseltongue

I absolutely love Harry Potter

1. No swearing
2. Has to be relevent to the Harry Potter fandom
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