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Welcome ! ♡
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Hallo !¡ & Heaven ♡

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Angel ♡ & Rebel !¡

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Photographier, c'est mettre sur la même ligne de mire
la tète, l'oeil et le coeur, c'est une façon de vivre ..

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For You...
And...Sweet dreams♡

In this hot evening
I would like to tell you
My sweet friend write to you
At what point,

What point are we going to see
In this horizon of entangled mists
Your eyes with a thousand perfumes
Which no man would be insensitive

You, my muse, whose heart is always fragrant
To the verbs me the madman, the writer
In all disorganized
But who in your heart and soul exists

Tell you finally oh my friend, my all, my muse
What strength of love are you present
To life therefore to you I dedicate
All these verses put for you on earth
The best for you,
These verses to you offered...

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#Atmospheres ✔ ...

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♡ ...

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... ♡

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Perfume of love...♡

The storm breaks
A crazy wind is rising
On the ridge
Where I dream
A stammering love
I breathe
Fleet in the air
I'm waiting impatiently
To follow his perfume
If he calls me
Under his sky
I dream of a long journey
So far away...

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