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Welcome ! ♡
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Mirror & .....
The human face is the organic seat of Beauty ...
It is the register of value in development, a record
of "experience", whose legitimate office is to
perfect the Life, a legible language to those who
will study it, of the majestic Mistress ...~ #Soul !¡ ...

& // ......~ Z❤

Zrkadlo & ...
Inšpirácia: Ľudská tvár je základné sídlo Krásy ...
Je to súpis hodnoty vývoja, výkaz "skúseností",
ktorých zákonitá úloha je zdokonaliť Život, zreteľný
jazyk pre tých, ktorí budú študovať to, zo vznešenej
Vládkyne ...~ #Duša !¡ ... Áno & Eliza Farnham*......

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Eternity of a dream ...
and Happy day...

A Woman in the night
Hunting the weight of boredom
The whole weight of existence
Sometimes very heavy sentence
Hard competition
Vain figuration
The risette at the command
Is a bit like a fine ...

A woman who smiles
Knows how to hunt the embittered day
His love and tenderness
Form a fortress
The softness of his gaze
Remains a muse of art
His breath is a music
Who knows how to make amnesia ...

A Woman opening her arms
Eclipse the appearances
Her sensual nudity
It remains beautiful
Magician in love
It was the time that
Two merging beings
And everything is resolved ...

A woman in the night
Hunting the weight of boredom
Desirable relaxation
Knowing to be true
In reciprocity
And in the authenticity
But whoever hopes her
In the respect, be sincere ...♡


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Colours & Dreams ... ✔

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Spring breath...

Frost pulsation
To the washed blue of the sky.
Snow flakes
Silk of a soft pink ...

The wind is blowing
Innocents who tremble
A moment,
Before spreading
On the astonished flowers.

So heavy is the tender grass
Who carpeted the meadows!

And the bird thinks he understands
That spring has arrived!
When he sees you,
When he sees your smile...💋

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Coffee & Enjoy it ✔ ...

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Sweet sunday ! & Yummy ❤

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The personal Life deeply lived always
expands into truths beyond itself !
~ Anais Nin ... #Always ❤

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