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these 2 put together is me
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name: sky
age: 15 moons
gender: female
species: foxwolf with wings
personality: kind,lovin,funny,shy
likees: video games, garddening, cooking, new firends
dilikes: bullys, furry haters, jerks,bracili

What does it mean by "furry scent and tailplay"?

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Name: Riley
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Rabbit
Likes: playing video games, Talking to people, make ting people, making friends
Dislike:People who are rude

I'm preatty new here ^-^

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Nicknames:Cosmic,Nighty,starry etc
Likes:Working out,swimming,hot coco,video games,Books,Music,talking to people,helping others out
Dislikes:mean people/jerks,people talking behind his back,losing control of anger issues.

just a new guy here ^_^

Anyone got any musky paws or underwear(boxers and/or briefs preceded) for me to have fun with? (Paws are more fuckable, if you want them fucked, whereas in RP, I will literally just sniff your boxers/briefs until I cum prematurely, or at least until my cock gets close to cumming hehehe!)
Message me in hangouts for a LOT of messy fun!

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Name: Shawn (or Shy)
Sexuality: Confused (likes guys but nit sure about girls...he's probably just gay)
Likes: Musk (from all areas) anime, dicks, writing, paws, (not feet), music, and food
Dislikes: Assholes and large crowds
Sexual Role: Sub mainly, but when pissed off he can be a dom ((he also likes dirty talking))

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Name: helix
Age: 125
Species: rare dark myth dragon but has a human form.
Height: in dragon form, 28 feet, in human form, 5 foot 11 inches.
Sexuallity: mostly strait
Likes: company
Dislikes: fighting
Bio: after living as a human for many years, almost a hundred, i reintegrated into dragon society. I have yet to claim the throne i own for it is on another planet. (Yes i am a prince) Now i live in a cave in an isolated forest far from the humans.
I can also change into a human.
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Who wants to rp?

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I'm now a furry! x3
Name: Tara Rakuri
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Special skill: She is skilled at cooking, fighting, and crafting
Fetish: BDSM; she loves dominating; big fellas; and the occasional paw fetish. She does love futas tho
Sexuality: Bisexual, but she's more into transsexual females
Likes: She loves music, art, and Japanese culture.  
Dislikes: She hates haters. She also dislikes rude people.
Hobbies: She does parkour on occasion, does a lot of Japanese art, and enjoys partying. 
Breast size: Size G
Colors: Her hair is an auburn color, and her fur is white. Her eyes are a sparkling orange. I'll actually draw her sometime later, so I'll have the markings by then.
Interesting things: Her mother and father are both wolves, but her father is Japanese; their ancestors used to be the Shogun of futile Japan. She owns a samurai armor, and a katana, and enjoys writing Kanji.
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