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Nightmare chica


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• name roxy and/or foxy
•gender- girl
• nickname-foxy

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Guy somethin's missin' on this community

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Name- Foxy/Vixen

Nickname- Foxy and/or Vixen

Gender- female

Type- animatronic human fox

Age- unknown

Likes- Foxy,Freddy's pizzeria, pizza,pirates,crush,playing violin

Dislikes- being alone,bullies,haters,dislikes being alone,or not noticed

Fear: being alone

Personality- kind,quite,shy(sometimes),bashful(around my crush)

Bio- I was 6 and I was with my friends Penny,Keli,and Riley,we were all led into a room that's was dark and scary,I was the last one alive and I saw all my friends on the ground dead with blood flowing out of there bodies,I turn around to see the Purple Guy/Vincent, and that's when I passed out ((Purple Guy stuffed Riley into female human Chica,Penny was stuffed into female human Freddy,and Keli was stuffed into Female Human Bonnie,and I was stuffed into female human Foxy))

Crush- Foxy(male,next picture)
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*Change into mangle n smiles and looking at all the good ppl n I smiling good n mad crazy as I'm not trying to make a sound of attack*
Freddy: hey ppl ready for some good show
Chica: hehe yes freddy hbu Bonnie
bonnie: *is looking at mangle n have a huge crush on mangle n have hearts*
Heheh hey little kids
Kids: hey mangle heheh 

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Sonic is my normal account
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