#SEO this week

1. Removal of #Google #adwords from right side.
2. Importance of #amp for a #website.
3. Google acquired #paidlinks.
4. No more google #partner programs.
5. Added features in Google #Adwords #mobile #app.
6. Official launch of #AMP.
7. Google #searchhead #AmitSinghal retires.
8. Trusted verification program for #Mybusiness listings.
9. #Pagerank from 302 #redirect.
10. #Keywords in #URL are minimal #ranking factors.

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It is a must for every digital marketer to know how important a guaranteed SEO is and what it can do for our website. Without it, it is just impossible for any website to improve its ranking on search engines.

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Below are Important qualities that a PPC Management expert should posssess: If you are doing PPC for your company or managing any PPC campaigns, check whether you possess these skills and ensure these are being carried out.

1. Extensive and competitive keyword  research
2. Writing adcopies to get high quality score
3. Be expertise in tracking/monitoring. Do the required changes to higher the conversion
4. Understanding all PPC terminologies
5. Clear understanding in campaign settings. Make sure to use the provisions whichever is applicable to you.
6. Able to find out/analyse the click fraud/auto-generated clicks and stop it
7. Keeping up with the latest changes by reading journals, online news and forums

Hope this is useful!!!

Thank you..

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Google penalized the PostJoint, another Guest blog network,

Matt Cutts tweated saying "any link or guest blog network that claims to have "zero footprints" is waving a giant red flag."  PostJoint slapped by Google for receiving 16% of unnatural links to their network. Now if you search for postjoint in the Google, its no longer in the first page.

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Matt Cutt explains How Google treats 404 and 410 error codes:

404 Error Page: Google will “protect” the page and not mark it as removed for about 24 hours. so GoogleBot can recheck before marking the document as removed.
410 Status Code: Google will mark the page as gone as soon as the error is noticed by GoogleBot. 410s are stamped as removed immediately
Matt added, howbeit, that is the case, GoogleBot will go back and check both 404 and 410 responses later to ensure the page is really notthere. Google is aware of bugs and server issues that happen and thus will check back later, several times, over the course of years, to check to see if the page is ever brought back.

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Five SEO tactics that you must cease following

1. Spammy Guest Blogging
    If you are engaged in guest blogging with the intent of gaining links, then you must cease or change your strategy
2. Optimized Anchors
    Optimized anchors are nothing but using the keywords that you want to rank as the anchor text to link to your webpage. Using the
long tail keywords as anchor text to link  back to your website will ruin the SEO of your site gradually through algorthmic penality.  Instead use the 1)Naked url 2) Your Branded names as anchor text 3)Long phrases as anchor text like "I like reading this blog for latest SEO updates"
3. Quantity of links over quality    
    If your building backlinks aggressively or in the short period of time or linking to low quality/sub standard sites (PR lower than your site or sites which are penalized for their bad backlink profile), then you must stop doing it. Link with quality sites(DA > 20) and build your backlinks gradually on long term basis.
4. Keyword stuffing
      If you are concentrating to infuse the particular keyword which you want to rank, into the content, you must cease from doing this. You can add more content, not more keywords. Dont try to attain the keyword density, instead make sure the reader finds your content interesting to read. Using related keywords in the content also plays a important role in improving the search results.
5. Banking on link-backs instead of content
    Linking isn't just SEO. Its a element of SEO. Either for keyword rankings or to get more traffic , don't just trust in linking. Content, links, social signals and onsite factors all consitutes the SEO.

    The bottomline is as per the current scenario, if anything is accomplished in short time in SEO, its a crap. One day it will be penalized.
Therefore all SEO's must aware of this and educate others also that SEO is still alive if we adhere to the points discussed here.

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