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Valerie Roe

Get Media Exposure  - 

You could reach 500,000+ people in the next month with my unique approach to promoting your business!

I have been social networking with people on the internet for over 16 years!

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Facebook & targeted Facebook groups/pages
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Valerie Roe Marketing - Online Promotions & Advertising
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About this community

This community is for women who have a product or would like to create one. Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Sourching, Manufacturing. If it has to do with creating a product we will share it here. Launch your dream and get the resources you need. Hi, My name is Lisa I'm a 2012 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner for the SnuggWugg® I was awarded $15,000 for my idea but that was only the beginning. I am making my way though the land mines of manufacturing, marketing, sourcing, and selling my baby product. I know I"m not alone there are millions of us. And if you're reading and you are not a mom you can join this group too. Come to learn about marketing, cool resources tools and more. Let's help eachother out so that life can be just a litte bit easier.

DeAnna Cabarcas

Discussion  - 
Stumped About Infographics?  I learned to create them and you can too!
Want to create beautiful and elegant infographics to market your business, but not sure where to get started? Download this free tutorial today to learn how to create stunning infographics in less than 10 minutes. In This Tutorial, You'll Learn: How to get started creating infographics and which ...
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Asian ProSource

Easy Business Solutions  - 
Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop by and share this great guide on sourcing products from China. Check it out and if we can help let us know!
Afraid of the hidden costs and risk when sourcing out to China? Make sure you talk to a reliable person about your China product sourcing needs. Click here.
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