can the Owner make my Alt-Account a Mod??

It's me Anubarislav

I wish it was more active here... its just too quiet, we will never get noticed...

We need to go on lockdown....... ASAP

I will be doing the same with mine

The Trolls and their allies will be lurking around again

We need to go on lockdown....... ASAP

I will be doing the same with mine

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Name: Anubarislav Verascoza

Gender: Male

SO: Gay af

Species: Wolf-like Jackal Hybrid

Religion: Aslonism (Branch: Eastern Tantric)

Likes: guys who are nice to eachother(Sibiling-Rivalry doesn't count), gay boys whom are either Sub or Dom

Dislikes: Sorry ladies(Wanna be friends), Communism, Nazi'ism....The rest I'll tell you later if you dare to ask

Bio: He was exiled from Heaven for life.......And he vowed revenge on the Demon: Tash.

He was befriended by the DireWolves whom were also called the Lone-Wolves.....He lived like a LoneWolf until his supposed death from an invading army of Space-Invaders

He was called Commando-Werewolf because of his knowledge of the environments around the planets he visited

____________________________________ Who ever did the first drawing made only one mistake(the eye color).......The rest of those drawings are mine so no taking without MY permission
____________________________________ I know that the DireWolves WILL return in the future
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Lol abandoned

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Hey +Akamaru Bowman​ nice group


barrel rolls in I HAVE ARRIVED

Eyyyyyyyyyy rp anyone?
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