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Why your facebook can be hacked so easily?
Speaking of password and hackers, it reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, whose Twitter and Pinterest accounts had been hacked by a group named OurMine Team claiming responsibility. Mark then expressed that everyone needs to pay attention to the hackers. This brief message suggests that he was hacked too and so will yours if your password is too easy and without a reliable methods to keep your password.
Passwords are close to our daily life even something close to our personal security. Just like what Chris Pirillo said: passwords are like underwear, you don`t let people see it, you should change it often and should not share with strangers.” I agree with this point of view, but we should not share with anyone apart from strangers. It is obviously that hackers like these accounts that they don`t need to pay lots of time and complex program to know all of you mostly. Social media maybe the first contributor. Take Facebook as an example, let`s talk about how hackers crack your facebook account and how to remember your password by a Secure Password Storage. Treating your passwords as your underwear is the most important conscious of password protection.
How hackers crack your social account-The example of Facebook.

As we all know, Facebook allows users to get into someone else`s facebook account. Without knowing their password, usual individuals can log in others
facebook account just via 3 codes that sent from 3 friends you choose.

Reset your password

Get the victim’s email via the Contact Info Section on the facebook page> Click forgotten your password and type the victim`s email> click this is my account> Click no longer have the access to these> Type the email that you have not registered or linked to facebook> ask the question. If you don`t know the answer, click recover your account with the help from friends and choose friends 3-5 friends to help> ask them for the new password. You should pay attention to the friends you added.
Software keylogger and hardware(disk) keylogger.

If a facebook user download a piece of software keylogger and use it normally, it is easy for hackers to crack into your device via this software. Keylogger has the feature of recording each stroke on the keyboard that the user makes, most often without their knowledge; it automatically starts capturing keystrokes as soon as the computer is turned on and remain undetected in the background. Then the hacker just needs to wait for the email that includes a summary of all the keystrokes via email from the email. Choosing the Safest Password Manager as your password keeper is also the most effective way to be the against of Keelogger. Under the protection of a Password Safe App, Keelogger can`t get the permission of tracking users` route.
A fake log in page

If the hacker is talented or familiar with webpage creation, it is easier for users to jump into the trap because the hacker will send you a clone log in page, telling you that something has went wrong to your facebook account and needs you to log in. Don`t click any link that needs your personal sensitive information especially the password application and pay attention to the domain name.


Cookies is an important storage for users to find back the history and trace. As long as hackers use the same WIFI with you, they don't actually get the login passwords, but they can still access the victim's account by cloning the cookies, tricking Facebook into thinking the hacker's browser that is already authenticated. Clearing up all the cookies and history and making a stronger wifi password refer to a Password Manager App that shows you what a strong password is.
Password Manager App:

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The Best App to Store Passwords

Here’s a true story in detail about Mr Lee who got hacked and ransomed recently. Considering the lesson, we should know better to protect our privacy.

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For Client Security We Have Password Manager Here

Through lesson we learned from RockYou incident, in the following we will share a few tips on password management and protection.

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Network Password Manager 4.9.2 released!

What's new:
1. Fixed editing of the records and folders

Network Password Manager 4.9.1 released!

What's new:
1. Fixed disconnecting by timeout
2. Fixed copying and restoring of the records
3. Fixed group membership checking
4. Fixed editing of the records and folders
5. Fixed support of Japanese language

Network Password Manager 4.9 released!

What's new:
1. Improved support of domains which have different dns name and pre-windows 2000 name
2. Fixed licensing
3. Fixed CSV import
4. Fixed Security window opening
5. Reduced installer size

Network Password Manager 4.8 released! 

What's new:
1.  Added automatic check and repair of database during starting of NPM server
2.  Added support of Windows 10
3.  Added Arabic translation
4.  Updated English, Dutch and Russian translations
5.  Fixed memory leak in NPM Client
6.  Fixed copying of the records with big comments and attachments
7.  Fixed disconnecting when searching using network connection
8.  Fixed group membership checking for domain users

Network Password Manager 4.7 released! 

What's new:
1.  Now you can provide the encryption password during installation
2.  Added the ability to search in big comments
3.  Fixed the security issue in a new context menu of the Search window
4.  Fixed the Security Admin account issue with changing of access rights 
5.  Fixed selection of the Options during installation
6.  Fixed installation for Windows 2012 R2
7.  Fixed rare bugs with editing and deleting records
8.  Fixed auto connect

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Network Password Manager 4.6 released

What's new:
1.  Added new commands to the Search window:
    - Context menu with Copy Name, Copy Login and Copy Password commands
    - "Go to record..." command. Selected record will be shown in the main NPM window
2.  Added Copy Name, Copy Password, Copy Login, Copy Url commands to the Edit record window
3.  Added creation of System Restore Points before uninstall
4.  Improved support of /DisableSaveLogin, /HideInaccessible, /DisableInaccessible, /DisableTimer
5.  New file names for audit and logs: 'YYYY-MM-DD <FileName>'
6.  Fixed service for support Windows 2012 R2
7.  Fixed /backup parameter for npmsvc.exe
8.  Fixed Audit file format
9.  Improved License Agreement allowing unlimited clients installation. . 
10. Updated Help file.

Network Password Manager 4.3.2 released

What's new:
1.  Improved speed of first connection to the server.
2.  Improved speed of loading for large database. 
3.  Fixed password history.
4.  Fixed moving of records and folders.
5.  Fixed incremental search in CopyTo.../MoveTo... window.
6.  Fixed data export.
7.  Added Danish and Norwegian languages.
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