Initial migration to GitLab has been completed at this point. However, GitHub repository is still considered a main one for the time being.

Plan is to keep both repositories synchronized and accept pull requests from both. By the end of the year GitHub will be slowly phased out at which point all the resources (web site, documentation, etc.) should be updated to point to new GitLab repository.

This also means all pull requests on GitHub will have to be resolved by the time GitLab becomes main repository.

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Glad to say am finally back into Sunflower development. Forgot how much fun this is, especially preparing the new GTK3 version. Right now bookmarks menu along with mounts and history manager are getting a facelift in form of unified locations menu. Here's a sneak peek at new design.

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I ran into an annoying issue with Sunflower when I run it the main window appears blank. It had worked previously but I think somewhere in between modding the files and updating modules I ran into this issue. Strangely though, I created a new user (Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS) and the new user doesn't have the same problem (I also reinstalled Sunflower). I ran sunflower via ipdb and saw no warnings or errors of any kind. Any ideas?

Is possible to keep the panels width on 50% of window width all the time?

This isn't a feature request per se, but I was wondering if there is somewhere we can see usage examples of the application? Basically, the application is very configurable, how do people configure it? What tools are added? What do people put in the toolbar?

I know that personally I do not use the application to a tenth of its potential.

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Looks like Gnome is going to step on our toes once again with Ctrl+F1..Fx for some window gestures or some other concept that further breaks muscle memory for everyone.

This also means I'll probably have to change default shortcuts in Sunflower which pains me a lot. Gnome folks should just stop doing toxic stuff to us developers already. They have super key which literally no one else is using and making all of Gnome use that accelerator would not only make sense but also make it crystal clear what is a system shortcut and what is program specific.

Perhaps they should concentrate on fixing memory leaks and performance tuning. This ( is never a good sight.

Hotfixed version (build 61) is available for download. RPM packages are also available. Since this is my first time building RPM, let me know if there are issues.

If you have experience with `rpmbuild` and want to help, now's the chance. Makefile needs more love for building RPM packages.

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Good morning +Mladen Mijatov !!

I'm having a problem with Sunflower 0.3 (60)
When I try to delete a folder, the dialog pops up then nothing happens. Trying to click on Cancel brings up the "are you sure" box, but then clicking 'yes' does not actually cancel the operation. The original dlg just stays there.
Federa 22, Gnome.

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After more than a year of waiting version 0.3 is finally here. This is also the last version which uses GTK2 toolkit and GTK3 one is already being worked on. I might decide to maintain GTK2 if there are enough people not willing to switch.

As always you ca download it from standard places. Arch Linux users should already have it in AUR. RPM packages are coming a bit later today.
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