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You find your self in a creepy house. As you look around you get the feeling that you shouldn't be here.
Main task: Get out                                                     

StanO'War (GM)
Alexia Reddings
#1. I'm GM so what I say is the deal (don't worry I know what I'm doing in that area) I also start the RP.
#2. Yes, I know this is a Shadows V.S. Ghosts community BUT this RP may have other supernatural stuff.
#3. Oc's AND Cannon characters from other fandoms ARE allowed.
#4. When you open hangouts look in the upper left-hand corner and find your username and if your coming tell me your username and well, we'll see if this works OwO
#5. Please use this format when you RP: TO speak in game: Oc/Cannon name: "What ever you want to say"
To do action(doesn't include just talking) Kisses the bear goodbye
whispers "Hi......."
sighs "What now?"
 WAIT! HOW DID I DO DAT BOLD TING!!! * text * just don't have the spaces there.
To speak out of game: (Hey buddy)
#6. Now, please do abuse the speak out of game thing, just use it when needed.
#7. I'm not starting without 4 players.
#8. I might start a video call and if that's the case then when the call starts  I'll tell you what the new format is.

Wow that's a lot! Well Enjoy! : )

Party Rules/words
Add: When a player joins the game they are teleported to where the current story is taking place.

Remove: A player died, left the game, or got banned. If you left the game don't worry when you come back online you can rejoin.

GM Leavening the game: When the GM(me) leaves the game, everything in the game will stop.

GM Joins the game: When the GM comes back, everything will continue like nothing ever happened.

Ban: If you break the rules 3 time you will get banned. First time you will get a warning, same thing for the second. Also if you get banned you don't get banned from this community, you just can't join this RP.

(just a random pic)                                          

You awaken to find yourself in a dark room. As the lights flicker on, you realize you're not alone. You feel that if you or anyone else stays here, something bad will happen. You see a hatch on the ceiling, and a rope in the corner of the room. You know you have to leave.
RP Open to anyone

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Ok u see the ghost layer
U see...whats this
PurpleMango there but... hes traped in a unbreakable glass
Only 99 0/0 ok
But thousands of ghost around him
+Shadowvell98 Shadow Javell98​​
+Goldie The Soldier​​
+CuddleBear 199​​
+Vincent Bishop​​
+Armando Martinez​​
+Stan O' War​​
Yea..this will take a while
Dont forget PurpleMango is a Trapped Experiment
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+Flippy Bear HTF  cant tag
                               IMPORTANTish READ
#1. I saw this in a different community, but if this gets more popular we could have a Main RP(pinned) and everyone can just make mini RP

                                Not that Important, still read it tho
#2. Can my Oc have a "pet" ghost?

#3. Can I share dis community?

#4. Hi :3 Here's a wander. with coffee

 Credit to the original artist :P
Animated Photo

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While PurpleMango was Captured all of the shadows was thinking
+CuddleBear 199
+Vincent Bishop
+Shadowvell98 Shadow Javell98
+Stan O' War
+Abby Pekoa
+Armando Martinez
+Boli :3​

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Want to rp +CuddleBear 199​ and +Vincent Bishop​ plz

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+CherryTop The Raccoon You see a tall figure standing in the hallway

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Purple Freddy like a shadow
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