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We're reverting to the state of the community before the Imperials sent a strike team to Mandalore. The posts of the ensuing war and aftermath will be preserved for memory's sake, though will be considered void.

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So, I was reminiscing in the huge fun we've had here.

And I remembered my problems, and I'm here to apologize.

At, what? 14? I wasn't ready for the task of controlling the Empire. Although, I wish I was. It would have made it so much more enjoyable if I was prepared to participate on such a scale.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I wasn't ready.
I'm sorry I was petty at times.
I'm sorry I auto-hit on one memorable account. If there are more, please alert me, as I will apologize for it
I will not apologize for the Hydra incident. That was total BS, and it was all parties' faults.
I'm sorry for instigating argument.

I'm sorry. I have matured. It's been almost two years. I have learned more, grown more, and can hopefully act better than I did at the time.

So please, accept this apology.

The Khagan has successfully reorganized the Kolkpravis' naval doctrine. Committed to defense of the Empire, fleets will now be permanently positioned in a system to protect the borders of the Empire. Lighter and more mobile fleets shall be used as response teams to aid the larger defensive fleets positioned over the most strategically important planet of the system they're assigned to.

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The Caldari State
Leader: John Kronus, CEO
Persons of Note: James Kronus, Chief of Security
Axiom Kronus, Artemis, the Third Kronus Brother
(Note that these upcoming numbers detail the amount of troops currently in the Known Galaxy.)
Numbers: Five Million Caldari Troopers
Enemies: Nobodeh

History: John Kronus had decided that he was becoming ambitious with his weapons production and troop recruitment, and realized he was looking to turn KI into a galactic superpower. Something the already-existing governments wouldn't allow without giving an amount of force KI couldn't possibly stand up to. So John had decided to disappear his holdings, so to speak. He took his fleet, holdings, net worth, army and everything else and left without so much as a blip on a radar screen.

James, Kronus Industries' Chief of Security and John's older brother, knew for a fact that they could not have expand in the Galaxy without impossible resistance, so he convinced his brother to get out of the Galaxy. They re-established in a fairly large star-cluster outside of the known galaxy as the Caldari State, and easily conquered the star cluster, using the systems' resources for their own purposes without any competition, allowing the State to expand in terms of population, technology and military substantially.

The Caldari Mindset is that of efficiency. Jobs in the fields of Engineering, Science, Technology, Psychology and War are the highest paying, whilst religion is low on their list of priorities. The Caldari People do have a sense of honor.

Life in the State is not as bad as one might make it out to be. Food, Water, Shelter, Medical and Entertainment needs are more than met by the state, in return for good job performance, the work hours are fair, with a 32-hour work week that keeps the money circulating.

The Mind and Body is treated like it is: An extremely intricate and complicated machine, in which most of the parts inside are needed for both to function. Medical Technology focuses on isolating the problem areas and formulating a program of treatments best suited to the patient's needs right on the spot. It has been proven to be the most effective method for saving lives many times over in the State.

Psychology works on the same base concept. Psychology programs dedicated to reviewing bad job performances commonly isolate the areas that each subject performs poorly on and has the subject transferred to a field of work in which these areas are irrelevant, ensuring a satisfactory job performance.
In many cases, this broad isolation is not nearly enough, and psychologists must delve deeper into these reports and isolate precisely where the subject is having trouble. It is lengthier, but once completed correctly, 95% of the subjects go on to perform above expectations in their new fields. It is noted that the other five percent are moved to basic work, which doesn't pay nearly as much, but ensures satisfactory food, water and shelter. Doctors report that the most common reasons for medical visits are sickness or injuries sustained at work, though both are easily treated at little expense to the patient.

The Laws of the Caldari State are clearly-defined, fair to both the Lawmakers and the Citizenry, and the corresponding punishments to breaking Caldari laws are even-handed and appropriate. The right to free-speech is protected by the State, however labor unions are not legal. Protests are legal, however they are oftentimes contained to an area of a few blocks using harmless methods. The Caldari State counters the few riots by the usual protest containment measures, as well as nonlethal methods that stun an unarmored citizen.

Prisoners of War are treated fairly and serve time based on the amount of resources and manpower exhausted to capture the prisoner. Once time is served, the prisoner is released on a world belonging to the prisoner's government.

Compulsory Service within the state is confined to off-combat tasks, such as Intelligence, Communications, Training, Cybersecurity, etc. And only lasts for six months. In-combat tasks are completely voluntary.

The Ships of the State are, from Cruiser up, highly resilient and extremely powerful warships, capable of withstanding a large amount of punishment, while ships from frigate down are known as "Stingers", fast, agile, high damage and extremely fragile vessels oftentimes deployed in numbers alongside the Destroyers, Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts.

The State's Land Military sports weapons, armors and vehicle tech that rivals that of the Mandalorians, much to the Caldari's pride. Their arsenal has a piece of equipment for just about every task, whether it be hit-and-run or static defense, the Caldari arsenal always has just the right tool for the job.
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A candlelit serenade played from a piano on the balcony of Kara'yaim, home to the Lord Mand'alor. There was no chatter, no upracious laughter, nor the quieted remarks of couples at a party.

Only one man.

Halcyon didn't know whom he was playing for, nor as to why. He supposed it was to help him reflect on a given situation, or perhaps merely for enjoyment. His fingers flew across the keys as the tempo increased.

On occassion, he would invite the Clan leaders, their spouses, and other noteworthy people - veterans, business leaders, geniuses and experts of their respective fields - to his home at gatherings. When they were gone, Halcyon either relaxed, read, exercised, painted, or played the old instrument.

Tonight was just one of those nights.

However, a discordant mistake threw him off. All of the pieces were in play, but one was corrupted. Dissonant. Inharmonious. His mind went back to another night, back when tensions were high and the Mandalorian warmachine was on the move.

Getting up, Halcyon retreated to his office, across the colorful rugs on the marblesque floor. Yes, this is where it happened. Not here specifically, but in another one of his offices.

The Kaleesh spy had stolen from him.

So naturally, he called the Kaleesh.

//+Maximillian Ottoing

The Mandalorian Empire announces that it is purging the Wren Clan.

That is all.

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The Mandalorian Empire reacted to the end of the war very favorably with celebrations, copious quantities of tihaar, and new romances as the warriors returned home to their lovers. The Council of Clans, the lawmaking body under Halcyon's reign, forms and passes the Warrior's Return Act, granting free education, housing, and medical services for soldiers that served under the official Mandalorian Armed Forces, not through mercenary work. However, the latter category receives large amounts of credits and praise for their part in the conflict.

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Lost in Time, Resurfaced in Despair

The Maw, Outermost Reaches

The "Repentance" sat adrift. Powerless, dark, despairing. The crew, prisoners, and guards in stasis, to keep them from mischief on route to Coruscant.

With a massive surge in power, as systems aboard were restored to fully functioning status by the droids, it could be seen as an anomaly on most ship's scanners in the sector. The repairs that took o' so long were now finished by the droids aboard.

Prowl had been put in stasis, and stored in the "Repentance"'s maximum security cell, as he was deemed extremely dangerous. He and his brothers of the Sentinel program, were all particularly wanted for elimination by the Empire, as they held state secrets, and the likes. However, they didn't know that they were no longer useful, as they had been adrift, and without power for so long.

He awoke in his cell, and sat in the stasis pod, waiting to be released by the guards who would eventually come. He was to be executed at Coruscant soon, for war crimes, and accusations of terrorism, dissent, and other offenses.

And yet, he was not afraid. He was calm, and prepared for his ending, as it was thought to be inevitable. His mind, body, and soul felt as though not a second had passed, when in actuality, years had passed.

This ship, the "Repentance", came from an era where the Mandalorians did not hold much power, where the Kaleesh had not seized great holdings, and the Caldari state was almost non-existent. That's the era he came from, which has long since ended.

"It appears it is almost time..." His armor was in the armory, along with the others armor and weapons too.

The world as he knew it, was about to change greatly.

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Name: Lieutenant Prowl

Age: 18 Standard; Stopped accelerated aging, 20

Rank: GAR 1st Lieutenant

Number: CT-66492

Class: Phase 2

Faction: Grand Army of the Republic/Mandalorian Empire

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Homeworld: Kamino

Home/Base: Tipoca City

Moral Alignment: The Regulations, commands, and orders of the grand Army of the Republic.

Likes: Tactics

Dislikes: Routes

Weapons/Equipment: DC-15A, DC-15S, Thermal Dets, Scope, and micro binoculars

Legion: 327th Star Corps


"There's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it, as your mind is infinantly more influential than your body."

Lieutenant Prowl, 327th Star Corps Sentinel

"I have traveled with the 327th all over the galaxy, I have been at the Battles of Coruscant, Saleucami, Kessel, Kashyyk, Felucia, and many others... I've downed hundreds of battle droids, but nothing is the same as Having the fly boys take you from orbit to ground. Nothing changes death or destruction that follows me, world after world. Nothing changes having a trooper die in your arms. Then I became a deserter, wantin to free myself, and those who wished to come with me. I am aMandolorian, A Skirata, and most of all, alive."

Days After the Clone Wars

"My time has been spent with family, and friends. Although I am being hunted, constantly. Sadly, I have had to kill several dozens of commandos that I allowed to close to my position. All killed with deadly precision. After all, the sentinels are being hunted, even with their services to the Republic we are hunted. Me and my squad... we are spread across the Galaxy, like we were in the Clone Wars. I hope something changes..."


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The Emperor fleeing with his best politicians and enforcement has only further destabilized the Empire, and thus the Caldari State has replaced the Empire as ruler of their former territory, with John Kronus being the new Head of State in the region.

John's first order of business is to call the Mandalorians and the Kaleesh to the Negotiating table, as neither he nor the Caldari see any profit in continuing this war in the Empire's absence. He wishes for the negotiations to take place on the nearly-complete Citadel above Coruscant

+Halcyon Storm
+Maximillian Ottonian
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