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Proficiency of Literature

About five years ago, two people, Gigi and Tendro developed writing skills that reshaped imagination; both people within those years became exceptional in storytelling. So exceptional in fact that their stories harnessed energy; that energy itself made each of their stories stronger and magical. It became apparent the stories they made created in existence evil creatures for each book they made. The vast amount of stories overwhelmed the amount of evil that was created from proficient storytelling. A year ago, they both were on the run together, running far from the evil that exists in the world. They both didn't know what to do, as there was too much evil and the odds were stacked against them.
But nomatter what, both felt stronger near each other; neither understood why. Both of their most recent completed stories they have with them in their hand had a glow when near each others completed book. This started a reaction, a simultaneous thought, both Gigi and Tendro when all else seemed hopeless, placed both books near each other, both books touched; both books became one new book that shined with magic the brightest. This reaction before their eyes created a magical library to keep them safe, within this library inscribes, in gold literature, on the entrance ceiling and entrance floor:

"Welcome to Da Tushu Guan (Big Library)"

"Involving others in writing your Novels with you is stronger than writing them alone, only merging your Novels together will you be victorious, this is your safe home now until you complete all the stories needed to assure your safety from the dangers outside the library grounds. Making your Novel proficient, and coherent is important to finalize the book, each exceptional novel book completed will glow in magic, only those books count in excellence towards your safety outside library grounds, here in this library, only friendliness towards each other exist, this place is made for you all to create stories (Novels) together. Wellness is wished upon you here., if you have questions here, ask Library, me, or the librarians, Gigi and Tendro, however they might be within a story in creation and wont be available, if by chance you ask me, I'll answer in inscriptions, marked on the construct of the library nearest to you, I wish you all victory here, farewell my Novelists."
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((Probably won't finish this/make it as detailed as I wish to, since I'm a bit busy atm, I'll get back to it when I can))


"Writing's a passion, not a's a friend, not a subject....the stories it weaves with its hands are living."


Gigi Cheng (never used my name for my character lul xD this is interesting)



Gifted Being


109 Ib

Jet black shoulder length hair with messy, semi-short bangs

Completely black with a hint of red

Personality often changes depending on whomever she's around. She's usually quiet and serious, especially when she's alone or around a stranger. She's quick to anger but slow to acting upon her frustration. Most of the times, she's astute and her instincts are instant, as she acts with little to no hesitation. She's constantly thinking and reevaluating everything including herself. When's she's around cocky and arrogant people, she tends to become competitive. She can become pretty sarcastic when she's in the mood for it, but really, half of the time, she's in a serene, still mood.

She has a preference for cold weather and darkened lighting. Small spaces like the closet or cuddled underneath a blanket enables her thought process to be clearer. Solitude and loneliness are her friends, as she prefers to avoid people when possible. She enjoys playing the piano, and has interest in calligraphy and art. She likes the indoors and is secretly addicted to caramel chocolate.

She hates behind outside during the day when the sun is out and punishing the world with excessive heat, and despises little critters like bugs. She's hated cats ever since she was little due to a scratch one had given her. Bright places give her goosebumps and spaces to grand and opened gives her anxiety. She hates talking to others or being around people because the amount of energy she feels it takes to pick the right words to say. She gets unusually feisty when she's deprived from the piano too long. And she secretly despises dark chocolate. She especially hates people who think they're better than they really are.

She's able to draw shadows with just a gesture of her hand. She is capable of creating shadows with her hands as well. She can also shape-shift, mind read, and summon a shadow dragon.

Though she is fine with the rain, the thunder and lightning frightens her and usually causes her to hide in a closet, blanket, or find someone who can offer comfort. Her athletic abilities also has its limits, as she's quick to being drained and tired, and usually has to rely on determination rather than energy. She's also often alone, so when it comes to social interactions, her abilities are wavering.

Being in the dark or places with shadows gives her energy and the ability to use her power to it's full potential. As a strong minded, independent woman, she isn't easy to be tempted or tricked, and is wise enough to see through lies. Although her cautiousness of others brings her level of trust low enough to have missed opportunities, it still keeps her safe and alive. Though her athletic abilities are limited, her mind isn't. Her mind is sharp and quick witted, able to analyze situations and make difficult decisions most can't handle. Her strong sense of right and wrong and philosophies gives her a mature presence. Secretly, playing music in the background enhances her abilities.


(I'll write this later)


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[//¤Quotes¤\\ I'm grateful I helped create this place, without it, I may not have survived.
[//¤Name¤\\] Tensakuma Kadro (Tenth Warrior Water Dragon)
[//¤Alias¤\\] Tendro
[//¤Age¤\\] 23
[//¤Species¤\\] Dragon Beast Warrior, Shape Shifter, Dragon/Human
• Adventurous, Fearless, Sometimes Corky, Sneaky, Thrill Seeker, Focused, Determined, Willful, Vengeful, At times Unforgiving, Clever.
• He's a master in the art's of Water and Fire Dragon element energy. He's fast at his element energy attack performance, and can also transform in his Water and Fire Dragon form quickly. He's prepared to fight when it's called for, and can unleash a fury of attack's without getting tired throughout a full day. Only at a long day of battle will he require rest. He has excellent stamina, and often outlast his opponent's in endurance, energy casting, and focus. He has Immunity to Fire and Water damage. Without the use of weapons, a Komiokadro can use dragon energy without them; in the case of Tendro, he prefers the use of his staff as it's easier and faster for him to perform fire element releases, and his katana for water release.
• Having such prideful personality trait's, he can so far manage to use them to his advantage, where effort is required to succeed through obstacles, as he prevails.
• Every other attack, other than fire and water, can harm him. Can be mind controlled if opponent has the ability to do so; if it's not based off Fire and Water element's.
• As a personality, he's fearless and usually doesn't retreat a battle, and feels he's to proficient in his arts to be defeated. This thinking however may lead to his doom, and death.
[//¤Special Items¤\\]
∆His Fire Staff of Dragon's:
• A energy wielding staff named, Ifiroseptakadro (Fire Staff of Dragon's), with one end having a metal sharp spear tip, and the other with a Pyrope Garnet Gemstone as a gift from his Dragon, that also contains Dragon energy used for attack's. His fire release helps assist his fire dragon transformation. In addition, it helps him open up a portal to hell.
∆ His Element Blade of Dragon's
• This blade named, Tebishinokadro (Element Blade of Dragon's)
becomes created once a Komiokadro learns their second element, to transform into their second anthro dragon, given to their second elemental conditioning as honor for their success, commitment, and effort's, such in the case of Tendro; to finally obtain a Element Blade of Dragon's, a magical energy blade appearing magically whenever the Komiokadro desires, if transformed into their dragon form, as it can only be equipped and exist if the Komiokadro is transformed to their anthro Dragon form. This blade has the properties, depending what dragon element Komiokadro is tranfomed into, the blade will also condition itself to the Komiokadro element form, and like all Element Blade of Dragon's, can send a Komiokadro soul from Hell to the heavens upon contact. This blade is also sharp and can cut open strong metal, especially with the combined wielding force of a strong transformed Komiokadro, as dragons are generally strong.
∆ His Miabashinokadro (Mystical Blade of Dragons)
• A very sharp katana sword that every Komiokadro receives once they reach mature age. This blade hold true to their power, a sense within the sword that helps determine what elements a user is best with. Although the sword is unique in finding a Komiokadro best element's for them, it's still up the Komiokadro to choose which elements they train and master. Even if one didn't desire the blades element's of choice, it's still up to Komiokadro to train; becoming a skillful master in their choice element's they choose, and can surpass the expectation's of the blades' sense of element direction for a Komiokadro. If a Komiokadro is suspected to pass an element through the sense of the blade, it doesn't mean they can't become exceptional in the less requested element's, but it may take more time spent to learn. This sense is done from how a Komiokadro performs in training using the blade, as the blade interacts with a Komiokadro natural most distinguished element's within them, unleashing their element's and exposing it in training. Once a Komiokadro learns a Dragon element, the Katana will recondition itself, recognize, and sense the new element's used, as the most proficient within, even though it may not be considerable choices for the chosen element's.
∆ Fire Health Regeneration
• If in his fire dragon form, and in a fire Hot environment, it adds to his health, increasing his life points to his original condition.
∆ Fire and Heat Immunity
• Tendro cannot be negatively affected by Fire and Heat, if Fire and Heat damage would be inflicted to Tendro, it doesn't; instead, converts to life point health. including any psychological affect consisting of Fire and Heat mind psychological altering conditions; instead, becomes converted to health.
∆ Fire Generation, Manipulation, and Attack's.
• Tendro can conjure up hot Hell Fire Dragon element power within his body, to use externally for attack's. All this power is from within him, and not obtained anywhere else. He cannot manipulate external fire, flame such as a fire on candle, or a outside source, only the power that comes from himself. His fire attack's, in appearance, are all in shape of a elemental energy fire dragon; that, when released, can harm, or destroy target opponent if reachable, through either powerful physical piercing teeth bites, or the extreme powerful heat of the element energy Dragon, if it reaches target individual.
∆ Dragon of Flight
• His Dragon form's are the only form of his with flight capability.
∆ Portal Creation To Hell and back
• Tendro, just like all skilled Komiokadro, can create a portal to Hell and back. Tendro mastered this by using his spear staff; twirling it, making a flaming vortex portal leading to Hell. This takes one full minute for Tendro to accomplish, twirling the staff in a flaming circle to complete the portal and travel through it; leading to hell, or back from hell.
∆ Disperse Portal to Hell
• As Tendro is finished with the portal to hell, he can close it on command.
∆ Water and Cold Immunity
• Tendro cannot be negatively affected by Water and Freezing conditions, if Water and Freezing would be inflicted to Tendro, it doesn't; instead, converts to life point health including any psychological affect consisting of water and freezing mind psychological altering conditions; instead, becomes converted to health.
∆ Water Health Regeneration
• If he's in his water Dragon form in a ice cold environment, it adds to his health, increasing his life point's to its original condition.
∆ Water Generation, Manipulation, and Attack's
• Can conjure up freezing ice, water, and water element power within his body, to use externally for attacks. All this power is from within him, and not obtained anywhere else. He cannot manipulate external water sources, such as a lake or pond, only the power that comes from within himself. His water attack's, in appearance, are all in shape of a elemental energy water dragon; that, when released, can destroy target opponent if reachable, through either physical piercing teeth bites, or the extreme cold freezing condition of the element energy dragon, if it reaches target individual.
∆ Dragons Voice
• Tendro can understand and communicate to Dragon's, but only to those Dragon's of his fully learned element's, in his case, Fire and Water Dragon's, even if a Dragon is half the element's, it's enough for communication to be interpreted clearly.
∆ Dragon Beast Summoner
• Two powerful dragon's of his two element's can be summoned to defend him against threat's.
• Torigeokadro (Torch Crystal Dragon) This dragon was found in the depths of Hell, as a request for assistance, Tendo asked Torigeokadro to serve him; having fire dragon to fire dragon connection, he, Torigeokadro, agreed to serve Tendro on his quest. Just like his water dragon, Torigeokadro cannot be destroyed. But instead, sent back to Hell, from where it came from; if attacked enough times by an opponent as it will retreat before it becomes too dangerous for him to further battle. Although Torigeokadro has an abundance of valuable Pyrope Garnet Gemstones, he doesn't share them. However, one Pyrope Garnet Gemstones was given to Tendro as a small gift for choosing to be his companion. It is believed Torigeokadro often felt lonely before Tendro came along to befriend him.
• Hyqugeokadria (Hydro Water Crystal Dragon) This Dragon is a Female water Dragon, and the very first Dragon Tendro became companion's with; being water as his first learned element. Tendro
rescued her from a net, freeing her from being entangled in the strong metal netting; then cutting the metal netting with his Katana. From then, Hyqugeokadria has been loyal to him serving his summoning request. In appreciation, in her dragon den, she shares with Tendro her many rare Gemstones she collects that he can take with him, in the form of Blue Garnet Gemstones. It is unclear how she finds them, but is thought that they are found around her Den, as her Den is conditioned with the proper composition of minerals and environment needed to create these attractive gem's.
∆ Dragon Transformation
• Tendro can transform into a Water, and Fire anthro Dragon. This transformation increases his strength and power's, gaining the strength of average Dragon's stronger than a human strength and power.
∆ Komiokadro Sense
• With Komiokadro Sense, a Komiokadro can sense any Komiokadro soul no matter how far away they are, alive or deceased; with enough focus, they can pin point the desired individuals location, useful when searching for a Komiokadro in the depths of Hell.
∆ Hair:
• Original Form, White
• Fire Dragon Form, Spiky Red
• Water Dragon Form, Spiky Blue
∆ Eyes:
• Original Form, Blue
• Fire Dragon Form, Yellow
• Water Dragon Form, White
∆ Skin:
• Original Form, Light Tone
• Fire Dragon Form, Fiery Red Scaly Skin
• Water Drag
∆ Bio: Tendro comes from a tribe named Komiokadro, these people specialize with Dragon elements, Dragon communication, and everything associated with Dragons, he masters the arts of Komiokadro combat.
Currently, after creating the library, he writes books filled of adventure.
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