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Name : Vinyl Scratch
Age : unknown
Gender : Mare
About : Loves Dubstep, has a roommate , shashes bottles/cans against head ,likes being human.
Friends : Dr. Hooves, Derpy Hooves, Bon Bon, Lyra, Octavia
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Name: Princess Luna
 Age: Unkown
Race: Alicorn
Gender: Female/Mare
Sexuality: Straight, Unitrested
Talent: Raising/Lowering the moon, Magic
Weapon('s): Magic
 Bio: Luna is the princess of the night. Her duty is to watch over the kingdom and raise/lower the moon

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Feathery star
I am daughter of princess cadence and i am in love with Insomnia bloodlust. I spend my time with him i never leave his side i am evil i eat SOME ponies 
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Name: Tuffy (Tomas) Rogers
Age: 16
Gender: Male/ Stallion/ I dunno how to spell things
About you: Me or him?
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Name: Princess Swift Breeze
Age: 100
Gender: Female
About: control wind, loyal and brave, loves adventure
I'll post pic later cuz it isn't letting me
She is a light grey alicorn with flowing mane and blue swirl cutie mark

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Name: Sweet Dreams
Age: 13
Gender: Female
About you: I'm awesome Puts on sunglasses
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Can Swiftie have her own castle?

Can I sign up with multiple ponies?
I wanna sign up as another pony too

Swift Breeze lives in a castle not unlike cloudsdale but more like canterlot in the clouds there are rainbows all over the place. The residents of this place, skyfall, are mostly pegasi
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