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Ash and Pikachu! :3

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Ok So I Drew Oichu From Pokèmon Conquest! As A PPG With Jigglypuff x3
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Wilson from don't starve

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Tried my hand at lucario I think it turned out good

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It's Violet! xD One Of Blue's Blue's Brothers xD

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Lucario (Wip)

~~~~~~Pokemon fanfic: Ash's Betrayal~~~~~~
                                        '*Chapter 2*'
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Nintendo does!

‘While traveling, Ash met a lot of new friends and old, starting with Zorua. This will tell about Ash going to Mt.Silver.’

“Here we are! Ash shouted.

“Ugh, you don’t have to yell you know. Mew said.

“Oh…..Sorry Mewie. Ash said.

“Mewie? Mew wondered.

“It’s your nickname I decided to give you. Do you love it? Ash asked.

“Mewie……That’s a nice name Mewie. Mewtwo joked.

“Oh cut it out Mewmew! Mew yelled at Mewtwo. Anyway, yea I love it Ashie! Mewie said.

“Heh, I knew you’ll love it. Ash said.

“……..Mewmew…….That’s so a girly name, so no, I rather be called Mewtwo, ok? Mewtwo asked.

“Ok…..Mew said.

“Pikapika, Pikaxhu! Pikachu said.

“Huh?! What is it Pikachu? Ash asked as he turned around, and then he saw them, team Rocket.

“Team Rocket! Ash said.

“Wow twerp, I’m surprise that you’re even alive, especially when your used to be friends betrayed you. Meowth said.

“They’re pathetic and they should feel my pain so I’m going to destroy them in this Pokemon tournament by training in Mt. Silver. Ash said.

“Hey twerp, how about you go try to get new Pokemon on your team. James said.

“Thanks James, but are you guys suppose to help team Rocket? Ash asked.

“Dont worry twerp, we quit team Rocket a few days ago, we were about to tell you but your friends were betraying you we decided to wait later when we have the time. Jesie said.

“Wow, I knew someday that y’all will have a change of heart. Ash said proud of them.

“Thx twerp! They all yelled in happiness.

“Heh, no problem. Ash said.


“Well, let’s fly to Altomare! Ash said as Mewie transform to a Pidgeot. 

“Ok Ashie! Mewie said.

“Hmm, I wounder what that place looks like….Mewtwo wondered.

“Hey Mewtwo, are you going to transform? Ash asked.

“Maybe, but what should I transform to? Mewtwo asked.

“A Pikachu, that could make it easier. Ash said to Mewtwo.

‘Mewtwo then transform into a Pikachu, he perched on Ash’s shoulder and he prepares to hold on as Mewie starts taking off’

“Woohoo, this is awesome! Ash screamed in excitement.

“Hold on, this is going to be an extreme ride! Mewie said.


“Looks like were here! Ash said.

“Good, I’m tired from that 143 mile flight. Mewie said obviously exhausted.

“Ok, Mewie return. Ash said as he point the Pokeball at Mewie.

“Latias will be surprise to see me. Ash said as he walks.

“Heheh! There it is, the secret garden. Ash said.

‘As he said that, he realized that Mewtwo hasn’t been talking that much, so has Pikachu.’

“Uhh, Guys? Are you two ok? Ash asked them.

“Hmm…..Yes, I’m alright. Mewtwo said.

“Pika pi, pi pi kachu pika. Pikachu said. 

“hmm……Ok. Ash muttered.

“Hello! Is there anybody home?! Ash yelled in the Garden.

‘There was a flash of light, it ran towards Ash and it snuggled him.’

“Hi, Ashie! Latias said by using telepathy.

“Heh, hi Latias! Ash said.

‘Mewie then popped out of her pokeball.’

“Hi, Latias! Mewie said.

“Hi Aunt Mew! Latias said back.

“Aunt Mew? Everybody said except Mew and Latias of course. 

“Wow, Congrats Mewie, you’re a Aunt! Mewtwo Joked.

“Shut it, Mewmew! Mewie joked back.

“Guys calm down, please? Ash said.

“No! F*** you Ash, I’m getting entertain! Pikachu said in Ash’s face.

“Pikachu, I don’t like it when the argu- Wait! Did you just speak English?! Ash said shocked.

“Pika? Pikachu pretended. 

“Pikachu, do not pretend you didn’t, I clearly heard you speak English! Ash said.

“Shit! I can’t believe that I got caught! Pikachu said.

“I guess I have to take off this triangle from my tail to reveal my true form. Pikachu said.

“Wait! You’re female?! Ash said shocked.

“Yes, I am Ashie-boy. Pikachu said mimicking Gary’s line.

“Woah, I actually never knew! Mewie said clearly shocked.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ash, my boy. A man said as he appears of the Shadow.

“Hi Leonardo! Ash said.

“I haven’t seen you and your friends for like 5 years. Leonardo said.

“Well, I have to visit some friends. Ash said.

“Yea-Wait! A Mew and  purple Pikachu?! Leonardo said shocked as he look at them.

“Yep! They’re part of my family now. Ash said to Leonardo.

“Hmm….Ok. Leonardo said and then he notice something.

“Wait! Where’s your friends? Leonardo said wondering where are they.

“Oh, you mean those pathetic little shits, those bastards betrayed me and tell me to give up! Ash said as he was angry.

“THEY WHAT?! Latias and Leonardo said.

“They betrayed me. Ash said.

“Why those little f**! If I ever seen them in this town again, I’ll escort them out! Leonardo said.

“Hey, I have an idea! Latias said as she had an idea.

“What is it? Ash asked.

“If I join you, you’ll become stronger. Latias said clearly shocking everybody in the Secret Garden.

“But Latias! What about the Soul Due. Leonardo said.

“It can shock people whenever they try to grab it. Latias said.

“Ok, if you say so. Leonardo said.

“Let’s warn Bianca beforte I leave. Latias said.

‘So they found Latias and explain what happen. She was a little upset at first, but when they stop explaining, she decided that Latias is old enough to travel around the world’ 


‘At the ship’

“Ok! Let’s go meet my other friends that have not betrayed me. Ash said.

“Yea! Let’s go meet Ashie-boy’s friends! Pikachu said teasing Ash.

“Would you stop calling me that pet name, Gary uses that to piss me off! Ash yelled angry at Pikachu.

“Calm dsown, I was just teasing, Ass Ketchup. Pikachu joked.

“That does it! He started to chase Pikachu.

“Help! This person is a psychopath! Pikachu screamed as she runs away from Ash.

‘Five hours later’

“Ha! You see Ashie-boy, I’m obviously faster than you. Pikachu said as she looks at a tired Ash.

“F*** you…..Ash said exhausted.

“I love you too. Pikachu said enjoying messing with Ash.

“Ughhhhh, I’m going to sleep. Ash said as he walked down to his room.

“Pikachu, Latias, and Mewie are in love with you. Mewtwo said to Ash.

“No! I’m not dating Pokemon! Ash said.

“I was joking, well anyway, goodnight Ash. Mewtwo said as he went to sleep. 

“Goodnight to you too, Mewtwo. Ash said as he walked to his room.

‘The next day’ 

“Woohoo! Yea I won! Ash said as he defeated everybody in board games

“Shit! Mewtwo said as he lost a simple board game to a human.

“Ash, you lucky bastard! Pikachu said as she cries over a board game.

“GG! Mewie said.

“Well, you guys are having fun, can I join? Latias asked.

“Sure Latias! Ash said.

“Latias, just to warn you, you’re going to be stomp with us. Mewtwo said.

“Huh, why? Latias asked.

“Ash been stomping us at these board games. Mewtwo said.

“Hey Ashie-boy, why do you cheat? Pikachu said.

“I don’t cheat, I can’t help that you all are not good at board games like me. Ash said.

“F*** you! Pikachu said at front of Ash’s face.

“I love you too. Ash said back teasing Pikachu with her own game.

“Why you little cocksucker! Pikachu said angry at Ash.

“Hehehehe…..Ash chuckled at Pikachu.

“Calm down, he’s right you know, he is far better than us at board games. Mewie said as she tries to break up the fight.

“The ship will soon reach Vermillion City! The captain said through the speaker.

“Ok guys, get ready! Ash said.


‘Right after that, they went to see a other friend who is somewhere around Sinnoh.’

“Ok! Now let’s find Riolu. Ash said.


“Riolu rio…. Riolu said looking at the tree.

“Hey Riolu! A man said.

“Rio.. Riolu said.

“What’s wrong? The man said.

“Riolu ri rio…Riolu said.

“Oh, I see…You really miss Ash, don’t you. The man said as he sees that the Riolu’s eyes started to tear up.

“Oh Riolu, I wish I could help but I don’t know where he is. He could be-. Before the man finish, a another voice was heard.

“I could be what? The another voice said.

‘When they turn to see who it was, here he was….Ash.’

“Miss me? Ash said.

“RI RI RIOLU! Riolu said as he went to hug Ash.

“Well. I think he would like to go with you Ash. The man said.

“Is that true Riolu? Ash asked the puppy Pokemon.

“Riolu! Riolu said as he nodded his head.

“Good! Now, GO POKEBALL!!! Ash yelled as he throws the Pokeball on Riolu.

‘Right after 3 dings, it was caught.’

“Alright! I caught a Riolu! Ash said as he hold the Pokeball with his hand/

“Now, I have to get going, bye Ash. The man said as he leaves.

“Ok, Let’s go. Ash said.


“Hmm….I wonder is Ash is ok. A certain purple fox said.

~~~~~~*TO BE CONTINUED*~~~~~~~

Hi There, it’s me Nick and I was wondering, do you want me to give Ash a fanmade mega stone for Pikachu. If so, tell me in the comments down below, I would love to here your thoughts, but anyways this is Nick and I’m taking a break for now. So BYE!

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Just joined hope you like what I drew tried to get them as close to the colored ones as I could
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Getting finish.

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Team Rocket Is Here! XD
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