Healthy Everyday You can do it !

I think we have a 4 factors for healthy everyday.

One is eat all 5 groups
Two is exercise 3 or 4 time a week
Three is sleep before 10 pm.

Plus one you Should drink a water 3 liter per day or more

It's very easy to say that but how many people can do that

So , What do you think?

For me i think many people can change by themself but why the most people doesn't do it

I can tell you something i tried to do 4 factors and i got a lot of thing to change in my life , If you want to know just do it and you will get the answer by yourself.

Then you can share what is going on after you did it.

* Advice do it right now until 2-3 months you will get the answer

It's work 101%

Thank you ^^
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