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Tools every Creative Needs in the new age of technology
Tools every Creative Needs in the new age of technology

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MT Experience Fam- 

The word movement gets thrown around a lot these days but I invite you to allow me  to take you deeper. Today, I invite you to notice what it's like as a member of our coalition - and since you are part of our coalition I now consider you family. Because family is a huge part of my life I want to share with you a partnership I have with another member of our family, The Brooklyn Circus. If you are unfamiliar with The Brooklyn Circus I refer you to the first point of their 100 Year Plan: Evolution of the urban image. This point is important to me with starting the Passport Project in America because urban communities in the U.S. have a lot of untapped potential and I have a vision of using the transformational nature of travel to evolve the media depictions of urban communities and people - even more importantly, my vision is to give urban youth the opportunity to see the evolution in front of and with their own eyes. To make a long story short, I am going to be traveling the world this summer with urban youth and will be exposing them to various cultures and bringing back fabrics from all the cultures that are visited - these fabrics will be used in future Brooklyn Circus caps and hats. To learn more about my summer plans and the relationship with The Brooklyn Circus, please visit

Thanks +marcus troy  for making me part of this!

Thank you for inviting me!

GLAD I GOT THE INVITE. Much love to Marcus . Keep doing an amazing blog

Look forward to this new experience

Look forward to seeing this community grow, Marcus. Hope all is well your way.

Thank you for the invite Marcus.

who better to share an experience than this guy Mr. Troy

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