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What is your current comfort level when it comes to incorporating technology into the content areas in your classroom?
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Totally Uncomfortable
Daily Use

 I talked with our educational tech specialist last night about youtube being blocked in the district for students.  He said Youtube must be opened for the students in order for them to access a youtube video on edpuzzle.  He said our youtube is in safe mode and it is CEPA compliant. Maybe those of you that are blocked can express that to your admin and a change can be made.  It can't hurt to try:)  Thanks again for joining our breakout session yesterday.  Don't forget to post the great things you are doing in your classroom here to share!

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Khan Academy is similar to Front Row with added resources and provides a great opportunity for student choice in math acceleration.

Now that you have learned about several different ways to utilize technology across the contents in your classroom, think about the standards you teach in your grade level. Post a comment below, sharing an idea that you would like to implement in your classroom.

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Here is a link to our Padlet parking lot for our session today.
Share any ideas you have about ways to use Padlet in your classroom in the comment section below.

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There are TONS of ideas out there to try out! Here's one that we recently discovered that we plan on trying out in our classrooms.
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