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Just received my copy of the finished Zweihander book from DrivethruRPG. Looking forward to digging into this. I always did have a strong preference for grim fantasy.

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I'll just leave this here. Because it's effin' brilliant.

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The Sword's Edge Kickstarter is live. Go check it out, and whether you back it or not, please boost the signal.

Just had another recording session last night with +Todd Crapper, +Jason Pitre, +Mark Richardson, and +Joshua Kitz. Good times! We even did an episode in answer to a listener questions (thanks +Eric Paquette, that was right in my wheelhouse).

Are people listening to the Ottawa Game Publishers episodes? If so, comments? Criticism? Complaints? Any suggestions (though we likely aren't going to get together again to record for about three months!)

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Cuz who really wants to work anyway?
Like Star Wars? Have a web browser?

Also, I'm sorry for the worlds productivity today.

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I'm wondering if anyone else here has been checking out Overwatch. I've heard a few people raving about it so far.

What's interesting is that they've thrown all the details on their fictional world and the characters up online, creating a rich background for them, and just let people's imaginations run wild in a team shooter. Given what I've read of Blizzard's thoughts behind the design of this game, I'm suspecting we're going to see this get fleshed out a lot more over time, if it continues to grab attention.

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Juntah Hix will take full advantage of this.  Then again if/when we get back to Star Wars a player reboot may be in order for the lot of us.
Finally the Technician book for Edge of the Empire has been announced.  Been waiting for this one a long time.  Sounds like some potentially awesome content in side for item/droid/ship crafting/modifying.  

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The 7th Sea Second Edition kickstarter is at 2000% of its goal.

And it's got an insane assembly of talent. 

So I finally finished the main quest line on Skyrim.  I know... only 3 years late to the party.  Still, it was an interesting experience. 

I can't help but contrast it to other games that have really caught my attention; in particular Mount & Blade: Warband, and Dragon Age: Origins. 

Skyrim is a beautiful game... absolutely gorgeous. It creates a sensory experience of a world that really does come to life. Mountains feel dangerous, vertigo can set in, the northern night sky is stunningly beautiful, and the first time a dragon drops on you out of the blue can leave you wishing you'd worn your brown pants that day. 

But outside of that, the game can quickly feel flat. They left it to the modders to make the world breathe and feel alive... and that's a shame, for so vibrant a setting. Some characters have a brilliant sense of depth to them, then fall into nothing (most followers), though faction leaders have some great dialogue. Still, after ganking Alduin the World-Eater, the general reaction of the world is "meh, we shall never speak of this"... and that feels kind of anti-climatic. 

Contrasted with Dragon Age, in which NPCs argued, grew closer or more hostile, fought with each other, revealed story tidbits in cutscenes, and celebrated the grand movements and changes in the world. Skyrim is gorgeous, and has some really nice touches to the mechanics (I love how flexible it is, but wasn't a fan of the fact that you pretty much need either smithing or enchantment as skills... or both), but their world loses depth quickly. 

I've come to the conclusion that my ideal game would be a blend of all three: Dragon Age's depth, Skyrim's atmosphere, and Mount & Blade's simplicity and smoothness of play. 

I may give this a few days off, and then take another stab at it with a different character. I didn't see the Dawnguard plotline through, so a paladin-esque fellow character could be interesting. I've also tied with the idea of creating Thor to run around Skyrim...

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For those of us not so good with making the arts but still want to do custom character portraits this is a pretty slick tool for doing them.

*Windows only
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