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This is a free discussion forum. I will personally follow the forum and assist in any way I can to answer questions and concerns.

Keep in mind that available coverages and insurance laws vary from state-to-state, so I will only be able to respond in a general fashion. But perhaps a bit more specifically for Pennsylvania, where I have been insuring farms for 35 years.

Brian Matthias

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Hello. I'm starting this community to educate farmers about insuring their farm operations through blog posts and community dialog.

With 35 years of specializing in the insuring of farms, I believe I have much to offer, although I have much to learn as well. Learning NEVER ends!

Feel free to comment, share YOUR thoughts and questions as farmers, fellow insurance agents, and anyone else who can "take away" something from this forum.

My own agency, Matthias Insurance Agency Inc, insures farms in the state of Pennsylvania only, although we do other lines of coverage in DE and MD.
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