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Old quarry at Mont-Sur-Marchienne close to Charleroi - Belgium

This place is named Quarry Rocher Lombot or also Gralex quarry which is the name of the Company owning this site. 
Quiet surprising to find such beautiful nature close to an old industrial city like Charleroi. Depending on the weather and seasons, the water gets blue, green or turquoise.

I published alread this shot to Flickr last year (

Here, a reviewed the pictures from two RAW files avoiding HDR :
- Blend the two images.
  One at nominal exposure, the second under exposed to get the sky and clouds
- Used luminosity masks to get darker sky and better details in the rocks
- Use highpass sharpening for getting more sharpness on the rock (I was not so satisfied about sharpness my Sigma 10-20mm captured)
- Improve a bit contrast and color saturation  

#charleroi #cyan #water #sky #belgiumphotography #cloud #belgium #wallonia 

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