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The USDA National Nutrient Database contains following sentence:

#Nutrient #Retention and #Food #Yield. When nutrient data for prepared or cooked products are #unavailable or incomplete, nutrient values are calculated from comparable raw items or by recipe. When #values are calculated in a recipe or from the raw item, appropriate nutrient retention (USDA, 2007) and food yield factors (Matthews and Garrison, 1975) are applied to reflect the effects of food #preparation on food #weights and nutrient content. To obtain the #content of nutrient per 100 g of #cooked food, the nutrient content per 100 g of raw #food is multiplied by the nutrient retention factor and, where appropriate, adjustments are made for fat and moisture gains and losses. Nutrient retention #factors are based on data from USDA research contracts, research reported in the literature, and USDA publications. Most retention factors were calculated by the True Retention Method (%TR) (Murphy et al., 1975). This method, as shown below, accounts for the loss or gain of moisture and the loss of nutrients due to heat or other food preparation methods:

%TR = (Nc*Gc) / (Nr*Gr) * 100

TR = true retention
Nc = nutrient content per g of cooked food,
Gc = g of cooked food,
Nr = nutrient content per g of raw food, and
Gr = g of food before cooking.

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oDrive is a #Multi-tracking #datalogger software which collects geolocations and computes routine in background. Multi-tracking means the single piece of one and the same registered data could be used for solving surprisingly wide range of civil necessities. Right now our primary concern is #children #safety and #family #security.

So, what is oDrive? It is an application which #tracks your #geographical #coordinates over the day and adds possibility of attaching GEO-Zone #alarm #notifications.
Thus, you will be able to create #boundaries, for example, your son’s or #daughter’s school and receive short #notifications when they reach or leave this particular #zone. In case of any dangerous situation they will be able to press Alarm Button sending a #SOS #signal to everyone who’s near and, sure, personally to you.

Furthermore, with oDrive you can observe #itineraries history on the #map and get some common statistics about how much time was spent for studying, shopping, business etc. The app is only needed to be started and if you need more details you can check profile #online.


Non Commonwealth of Independent States residents contacts us by

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Празднование последнего зимено лунностояния в Индии называется Холли. Вы, называйте, как угодно. Для меня это НеопаганизмХоли-фестиваль-краски

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на #конфетах нужно писать такую-же надпись, как и на сигаретах: увеличивает #риск ожирения на 30%.

Почему-бы на #конфетах не начать писать такую-же надпись, как и на сигаретах: увеличивает риск ожирения на 30%.

Все разные виды голода мне знакомы: первые резкие уколы аппетита, потом сильный голод, когда живот долго болит, потом ты забываешь, а потом голод возвращается, как боль в распухших старческих суставах. Он изматывает, ты становишься усталым и глупым, и наконец он оставляет тебя, и кости челюстей размягчаются так, что зубы качаются в деснах, и ты уже столько времени голоден, что забываешь, что значит это слово. (с. Макхью Морин Ф.)

the user ‪‎experience‬ on #aliexpress is just pleasure after ‪#amazon

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If a question about what message send to extraterrestrial friends I would send a photos to the Tomatina.
#tomatina   #food   #festival  
Если-б у меня встал вопрос о том, какое сообщение отправить внеземным друзьям, я-б послал фото с томатины.

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