Hi! Welcome to the community of Our Own World! This community is all about being you, and creating characters that don't exist anywhere else, but hope to be!

I am Sabrina, or you could call me Semi. Here's how Our Own World works:
To be apart of this group, you must make a post about yourself. Your name (your preferred name), favorite hobby, etc.
Characters start off by being made. Only 1 new character can be made in 1 week. If you want your own character to exist in this world ( you must make it first), you must draw a picture of what you want your character to look like, name, hobby, age, birthday, and anything else you wanna add about the character. Then, you must post it, with the hashtag #OurOwnWorldDraft. You must also put the date you post it, so I can see participants.

Be nice to people. If you are caught bullying people about something on Our Own World, then you will officially be banned from the community. If you are being bullied, snapshot the bully, and post it under the post #OurOwnWorldBullyReport and I will handle the situation.

If you have any questions, please ask them to me in the comments of this post, and I will get to you. Also, I do not have a google hangouts account yet, but when I do, I will put my name out there, so that we can chat privately, and/or in groups. Thanks for joining Our Own World! 
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