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Imagine TLC's cast as FF12 or FF13 bosses.

'Michael San't Angelo readies Holyja'

*Cutscene showing rays of hot light bombarding the party from above resulting in a extravagant dust explosion*

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Iesua Nazarenus(The Last Comer)
No anyone knows how I was actually born,but I was actually the Children of God.For 2000 years,I awaited until My Father is reunited with Children of Men and I reunited with the Demon King.I was rumoured to be destroying Gensokyo,a land which full of Eastern Reilligions.Soon three humans come and defeat me,but they accept my existance and lived in the "Fantasy World",with Micheal,Janet and Mumumu.

My Back Story and My powers:
Rivaling Buddha, the most famous of all Saints in the world. To be accurate, the child of man and the child of Yahweh. The legend of being betrayed by one of his disciples, crucified on the cross, and then brought back to life three days later is already a well known story even among those who do not believe in Christianity. However, there is no longer anyone who knows the truth behind the flowery story in the New Testament.

Though she is the child of God, because of the excessive pain she endured at the time of her crucifixion, she ended up speaking curses to God. "God, God, Why have you abandoned me?" Faith becomes power. Whether it's the past or present, or Gensoukyou or the country of the West, this fact is unchanging. So, if one doubts God, the powers he has promised through faith will be lost. In truth, after the crucifixion, though Iesua was supposed to be resurrected as a holy person, she had already become nothing more than a human who no longer had the ability to bring about miracles. She had suffered on the cross and died.

Initially, the betrayal of the disciple that had been planned by Mumumu was going to be turned into a good thing by Yahweh. Contrary to expectations however, upon facing the worst possible conclusion, the disciple who's true nature had returned deeply regretted his actions and was tormented by guilt. So, in a way that no one would see it, he took the body of his enshrined master away. Why? If the body disappeared, rumors of Iesua's revival would begin to spread. The rumors among the people would turn into faith, and the power of faith would become the power to bring about a miracle. Thus, Iesua was barely able to be revived as the child of God after three days. And so, forgiving her disciple was the first thing she went to do upon returning.

---The disciple, however, had already hung himself. His soul was not saved by God, but instead ended up being captured by Mumumu. Moreover, to make things worse, Mumumu had once again hidden herself somewhere in the world.

The religion that Iesua taught to the world was truly a simple one. To write, it would only take one word: "Forgive." No matter how you decorate it with pretty words, everyone whether in the past or the present lives with something they want everyone to turn their eyes away from. If someone is able to forgive them, they can be released from their suffering. Therefore, first, I will give everything I have to forgive "you."--- To the people who had been living carrying such suffering, her words wrapped them in an overflowing love.

When the star fell into Gensokyo and the sign of the last battle was mistakenly given, Mikaboshi Mumumu's power keeping her hidden was released, and the morning star began to give off a strange light. From this, Iesua could finally determine the location of the Demon King. She decided to descend into Gensokyo, but not with the purpose of fighting Mumumu. Instead, it was to forgive everyone. Michel, who feared God's Wrath; The still suffering soul of her disciple, that had been captured; Even the pitiful demon king who had lost all chance at reconciliation with God. "You don't have to suffer anymore" is the only thing she wanted to say. Only that.

The saint who had forgiven the suffering of all mankind wished only to forgive them herself.

About her Powers

Though it can also be taken literally, the wine also refers to Iesua's sacred blood - From healing the sick to raising the dead and walking on water, the numerous miracles left behind in her legend, all of these things were possible because of her blood that had been blessed by God. This is the other meaning that it carries.

***For Sonic Franchise(Ancient Ways,Ancient Evils)***
After living in Gensokyo,I decided to move to the 7th Universe.I found out that there are Human-alike creatures,named Mobians living in a planet named Mobius Earth.Unfortunately,Mumumu didn't look out the Hell until all demons go loose and caused Death and Destrution.Me,Mumumu,Micheal and Janet fend them off.Until I found out a half angel and half tengu,Sonic Maulice,killed the last human on planet.I was shocked and talked to him and he attacked me but I luckily survived.When he exterminated the monster "Meteor Parasite",I talk to him again and the purpose of "Mankind Salavation Plan" but this time he attack me with his fellow friends.But I fended them off by myself without any lives lost.Soon,I rebulit humanity in this planet and left.......

I am Veron Woon and I am 14 years old.I live in Malaysia and is a schoolboy.I like Sonic and Touhou very much.I even think to represent ZUN(TH creator)when I was grown up!

Great Catch"To Those Who Row Out to into Deep Water"
Lineage Sign"Immanuel's Blood Line"
Great Miracle"The Ressurection of the Dead"
Comprehension"Watch,I Should Return Soon"
Most Luminous"Angel Halo"
"Eli,Eli,Lema Sabacthani"
"The One Coming At The End of the World"

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All characters

Sonic the hedgehog: +Sonic The Hedgehog​​

Merlina the wizard:

Nimue lady if the lake: +amy rose hedgehog​​​ (me)

Sir perceva:

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Sir Lancelot: +ShadowThe Hedgehog

King Arthur:



Sir Gawain:

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