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I'm keeping these notifications till I die
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Iskall wants to get to 1000 views, go watch his stream!!

Daddy Iskall starts a stream in ten minutes that could be two hours.

I don't care what chores my parents want me to do, I'm not available, see ya guys after 12:00

How is it posible to join the next seson of Hermitcraft or even seson 5 wich is roling now, i am very into it.

to all hermits. i am making a map please can i use your minecraft heads in it?

RIP Hermitcraft III
Hello Hermitcraft IIII


When will the map be available to download?

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Gonna do this with hermits.... Or bacons, from BaconCraft......
Xbaconvoid +xisumavoid
Bacon2001 +Biffa2001: Minecraft, Mods & More
xBbacon/baconcrafted +xBCrafted
iBacon +iJevin
MumboBacon +Mumbo Jumbo
Docbacon77 +docm77
Falsebacon +FalseSymmetry
KingDaddyBacon +KingDaddyDMAC
BaconSV +impulseSV
BaconGB +PythonGB
BaconTek +Tango Tek
BaconFarm +Monkeyfarm
TinFoilBacon +Tinfoil Chef
Joe Bacon

Hmmm... Suggestions for the others?
Bacon8r Thanks +Max Salazar

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Hey guys, I met +Biffa2001: Minecraft, Mods & More​ today :) 

? For everyone. Who was the first hermit you found and starting following?
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