Yo, Can I join hermitcraft in season 6? I love hermitcraft, I even watched my favorite youtuber, Mumbo Jumbo play it! I would love to introduce myself to the Hermitcraft community and the Hermitcraft Server in season 6!

can I please join the hermit craft server I really want to play with you guys so can someone tell me how to join

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Hey peeps...the hermitcraft websiteis down

Hello would you one day play hermitcraft on minecraft bedrock edition

Can I plz join the HermitCraft server? Heres my reason: I always have problems on other servers of people constantly killing me and griefing my stuff, also I don't swear and I get along with other people easily too. Plus I do have a youtube channel and made a few videos (not many tho) and I also don't grief either. so if someone could reply to this post with an answer id be awesome!

channel link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2wu690kI7Z4MvqqQz7WEtQ

FaceBook Page:https://www.facebook.com/robert.harkenrider.3

Also my Minecraft name is RobH22

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Don"t watch this video if you are coward : D

Hi. like can i know the criteria to Join the world
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