How To Join Hermitcraft Sever? 

I just joined this G+ and I had hoped to be able to play on hermitcraft server because it is advertises as free to play. What I didn't know was 1 it would be impossible to get into and 2 the members of the community were so excidingly rude, if this is the type of people that are encouraged to come and be a part of the community I am damn glad I can't get into that server... Honestly I just wanted a good vanilla server that offers protection to it's players such as No hacking, no griefing and no PVP unless it is mutually agreed upon. I don't think I want to be a part of this community if people are going to get arrogant and ride with people for just asking questions even if the answer is in the description.... Not everyone slows down to read that, I did and I had expected not to be able to play on it but the rudeness that people are giving off there is really no call for.... it is toxicity at its finest....

Can I get a link to the hermitcraft server?

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hello everyone. i have recently contacted Mumbo about a collab or an over view on the world i made with the latest snapshot (17w06a) when i get an answer i will post it here with the live link on Mediafire.

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Umm...OK? Lol


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Hi rendog

hey xisumavoid i know you will not let me but what is the ip for the hermitcraft server i would like to jone :) ps im a good builder
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