Hi everyone, I would like to have a friend on Minecraft ps3. My name is deadpool888

How do we join hermitcraft

So I am a youtuber and would like to join the hermitcraft team so I know what the requirements are be a streamer on twitch and be a good youtuber you can check out my channel tomorrow I will be starting my minecraft: Project Ozone 2: Reloaded pack even if I do not get added this season or what ever I was still worth a try... my YouTube channel is BocKerDoesGames. My twitch name is nick9700

Does anyone know why the "Track Raw Statistics" Datapack link is broken? All I get is 404 not found.

Who is your favourite Hermicraft member?

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A new snapshot is out! I am going to make a video on it. You gonna watch?
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Yeet, soup is my favoruite
No, he is lame

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It is out. Pandas, walls, blocks, walls, mobs, walls and a mass murder of sheep (with added walls).


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Hey there! I started of a fresh new survival world today. This episode sees me: exploring shipwrecks, finding buried treasure, punching wood and mining diamonds. Why don't you check it out and sub to me? It would mean a lot, thanks. 😉

who do you guys think would be a new Hermicraft member in Season 7?
I wish its Jeracraft
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