Heyy Xisuma not sure if its u who runs Hermitcraft.com and I noticed that Bdubs who is actually inactive is listed as active

Just noticing how much people want to join is making me laugh , but I doupt xisuma and the other hermits can handle a lot of hermits joining

Who is gonne be there on the livestream day?
Im gonna watch for sure!

Who is your favourite hermit?

How to join Hermitcraft please?

Everybody this is a Public Service Announcement.
You cannot join the Hermitcraft Server unless you know or get the attention of a hermit, so... You should stop asking for the IP of the server or to join the server because you will not join the server even if you ask to join

Stop Asking To Join

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The first time I saw someone with my skin

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Just made my first Minecraft banner

Just to let everyone know that I have never asked to join hurmetCraft or asked for the IP, I only said I would love to join

Can I join I am a YouTuber
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