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Hi everyone
I'm Annette,  I have lived in Perth, Western Australia since the end of 2001.  I moved from Brisbane, Queensland on the strength of a recommendation from an Astrocartographer and knew nobody here.  I mostly grew up in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.  I am lucky enough to have lived there in the 70s and early 80s when it was relatively safe and security consisted of a 4 foot fence and a dog, not a compound with an armed guard.

I have been consumed with art and craft pretty much all of my life.  Whenever I was asked what I wanted for a gift.  The answer was pretty much "Something I can make".  Needless to say my surname is "Smith".  I have often explored new crafts as they came along.  This can mean a "Jack of all trades, master of none approach" in addition to having A LOT of expensive materials.  These days I resist the urge to try new things and stick to a few crafts I can build a reasonable stash of supplies for and improve my skills in.  

Now, after 3 years of infertility hell as a single woman, I've decided to remain childless.  My Plan A of a fabulous craft-room has been reinstated. I have a cat called Silky.  I'd like other cats but Silky is determined not to let me.   I look forward to seeing else's creative ventures and being inspired by them.  
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