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Hello, and welcome to Metaverse Jobs!
Here are some instructions for posting:

Job Postings:
- Select the appropriate category for the listing
- List job responsibilities, compensation, duration
- If the job is for compensation, be sure to mention currency or method of payment
- List any schedule requirements or preferences
- Mention what grid the job will take place on
- Mention whether you accept Hypergrid applicants
- Leave preferred point of contact for applicants

- List key points about yourself/your org.
- Please do not post profiles for organizations or persons you do not represent
- Mention grids/areas of operation

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Hi again and Happy 2018 to all! Given #HighFidelity's recent announcement, I'm opening up Metaverse Jobs to High Fidelity listings as well.

Feel free to share the community around with anyone you know who's already on #HiFi!

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Hi all! A quick update to let you know I've created a public Trello board to keep track of any and all active job listings on MJ!

Trello is a lot like a community bulletin board, and it's free to use. It should provide another good way to find what jobs are out there, and what their status is.

Metaverse Jobs is a open G+ community where Opensim job-hunters, volunteers and employers can match up! If you're not already a member, consider joining today!

Hi all, a quick announcement to clarify a great question I was getting asked:
Metaverse Jobs absolutely welcomes volunteer work and worker postings!

Opensim has a great tradition of volunteerism, and it would be a true detriment to exclude that from the community.

Columnists, writers, and photographers wanted

Hypergrid Business is always looking for OpenSim experts -- creators, marketers, event organizers, community builders, developers, and scripters -- who can write advice columns for new users, or those who want to improve their skills.

We are also always looking for event writeups, photo tours of the hypergrid, destination reviews, and other content that helps promote events and destinations on the hypergrid.

We also have a small editorial budget for paid contributors, who would be expected to interview people (on the record, under their real names) for news, trend and feature articles.

If you would like to do any of this, either to promote OpenSim, or to promote your own products or services, or for personal or professional networking, or as the first step to a career as a tech journalist, please get in touch with me at


-- Maria

Looking for someone to Rig a couple of avatars, bento/quadruped for a current and future project .

Please contact us here or at, and we can start a discussion, on time frame and compensation .

Thank You

Hi all, thanks for the fantastic early support! A couple notes:
- I've updated the banner. Yay, banners!
- I've added an Entertainment jobs category for DJs, Singers, performers, etc.

That's it for now! Thanks again for all the fantastic early support

I might as well toss my hat into the ring as well!

Professional Freelance Design / Scripting / User Experience Consulting
- 10+ years experience in Opensim/SL and virtual world design
- Branding experience (Digiworldz logo, Metaverse Jobs branding)
- Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
- Intermediate LSL/OSSL Scripting with emphasis on interactivity
- Focus on creating memorable Opensim user experiences (
- Moderate proficiencies in copywriting

Hypergrid-capable, Digiworldz-based

Contact here or via email at alan @

Payable via Paypal or Gloebit. Starting rate is $30 USD/hr or equivalent.

Excellent Idea
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