Why is that Google refuse to approve my request in Google AdSense. 

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new blogger tamplates are pretty cool try them
watch my blog template

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Here it is, your moment of Zen | New and responsive Blogger templates
Blogger has unveiled 4 new templates which are responsive and fairly nice. And fully customizable. Check out the post below for a link to the official press release with sample blogs using the new templates.

The new templates can be found in the templates tab of the dashboard.

What do you think of the new templates? Will you be using them? Sound off in the comments.
Express your unique style with a brand new set of Blogger themes.

From simple and sleek to fun and funky, there’s a fully customizable theme designed to fit your #bloggerstyle. Plus, they’re all built to look great on phones, computers and tablets and to load quickly. Check them out: https://goo.gl/vEPpd3
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Non visualizzo le pubblicità di adsense chi mi può aiutare!

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Can Anyone tell me How can I qualify my blog for adsense? I have posted 4 blogs and Im active as well. If someone know please comment down. It'll be a great help :)

I am trying to import podcasts , for example from ITunes, to my blog ¸. Is there a SIMPLE way to do that ? Note: I do not wish to produce podcast, but to make podcasts available through my blog . Thanks for any suggestion you might have and please, be as specific as possible, since I am not that good a «blogger»

Dear blogger, i applied for google adsense and recieved following reply can anybody tell me how to solve this

"Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, following a review of its request, it was found that at the time you can not agree to your request AdSense.
His request for registration was not approved for the reasons below.
Problems with site navigation: While reviewing your website, we found difficult to navigate. The navigation issues include: redirects, pages behind a login / restricted access, broken links, excessive pop-ups, dialers, website pages under construction or not yet launched."

Hi Guys...where can i get good responsive blogger templates for my blog the ones have used recently has problems with their XHTML....please email me at uzodimmaprecious@gmail.com or inbox me thank you
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