Hiii friends....Everyone is busy in their struggling...

I joined a pre school..I am teacher of kg..When i went for
Interview they took written test,and after seen my resume
They asked me to give demo classes..1 week i went there and took the classes at free of cost..After that they selected me..And now the worst thing is that the salary they offered me is 2500..I am surprised..I talked to many teachers and they all are receiving same salary.
I am so upset..Knw without saying a word i joined the school
And started teaching the students ..But my soul is not giving me permission..
I don't know what to do..I am enjoying with my students...
But my salary is not good..
What to do i don't know..
I don't want to support this..

I always want to search what's love..I remember my first love
In schooldays..Second in college time,,third ..Fourth...May be in..Hahaha..Knw I am smiling on my crush..
The funniest thing was that whenever i have crush wid any person i always prayed to God to make him my lifepartner..
But is dis love...No it's only a attraction...
Sometimes you likes someone's beauty,care,personality..
But don't give it the name of love..
Knw any one will ask me who is your love..
My love is my mom,dad..only because of them i am..
So please guys don't search it,don't cry for it..Don't give everything to it...

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Video call with my oldest daughter in Japan....
I really miss her ...😭

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Today is very very cold here in England 🙁
And I feeling​ a little bit sick,😷🤧 today...
So instead coffee I will have a fruity blend tea 💕
How is the weather in your country ? Right now I really want to go somewhere warm!!

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Is there any where you get peace?

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