I can't believe Jason is dead. This is such a little community, I didn't think he would be taken away...

today is a sad day for me. i went to listen to some IRL talk episodes and the site is gone.


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So... now, that IRLTalk is over, we could maybe just recommend each other some podcasts to compensate?

From the "2 dudes talking" category, I really enjoy Hello Internet and Analog(u)e
From the "multiple technical dudes talking" category, it is ATP and security now
And from the "multiple technical german dudes talking" it would be binärgewitter and working draft

Having listened to the last episode of IRLTalk, I would like to thank the both of you for the hours you spent on producing the podcast. For me personally GeekFriday was the podcast that really got me into listening podcasts - so thank you.

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So, it's April now and we were promised the final episode in late March.  Did I miss an announcement somewhere, cause I really want to hear it.  Hate the show is ending, but I'll see it through to the end.

Thanks again for all the lols, Faith and Jason.

EDIT:  Just checked Twitter and saw they recorded it on the 31st, so we should be seeing it tomorrow (???) I guess.

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Thoughts on the impending end, and a bit of love for Jason and Faith!

I'm gasping for air after the last IRL talk - this cannot be! Hoping I can take the Delorean back a few weeks to change their minds. 
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