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Even though it's only been a few months since the end of the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour, the members of Nightwish have not spent their sabbatical resting on their laurels. Everyone has been keeping busy, especially Tuomas Holopainen, who expressed during the tour that he could not wait to spend his time off working in his garden. Apparently, his gardening work has opened up a new passion: cooking. He has spent so much time at his new hobby that he is already compiling some of his favorite recipes for an upcoming cookbook, which he calls "Endless Foods Most Beautiful". Many of the recipes are a play on lyrics or song titles from the album, such as "Devonian Sea Bass", "Little Lucy's Lemon Bars", and "Jubjub Jam", to name a few.

According to a source close to OSA, Holopainen claims he first got the idea last year during the band's tour in North America, when he was up late one night after a show, watching Food Network in his hotel room. "I thought of all the tasty things I could make from the fruits and vegetables I was going to grow in my garden," he says, "and I started writing down recipe ideas. Once I got home, I started making a few of these things during the holidays, and after so many people expressed how much they loved my recipes and suggested I should put a cookbook together, I thought, why not? It's a great diversion from songwriting—which can be a stressful process at times—and give the fans something to get excited about while they wait for a new album."

While a release date for the book has not yet been announced, Tuomas predicts that it should hit bookshelves by the end of the year. Until then, he has been kind enough to give us a sneak preview of what's to come by sharing a recipe from the upcoming cookbook. Click on the link below to make some "Shiny Rock Candy"!

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BREAKING NEWS: During the Nightwish/Delain show in Birmingham last week, our friends at Forever Nightwish: Worldwide and OSA had a chance to sit down with Floor and Delain's Charlotte Wessels to talk a little about the tour. But we were in for a surprise when they revealed HUGE news that will shake up the symphonic metal world!

"We have had such great fun touring together," Charlotte revealed during her chat with us, "watching Nightwish perform every single night has been incredible. I would watch every single show and memorized their setlist."

"I was doing the same during Delain's set," Floor admits, "before long, we were remembering the words to each other's songs. So then it turned into this fun game where I would start singing Delain songs and she would start singing Nightwish songs."

"Then it started getting competitive!" Charlotte says, "It got to the point where we would have little 'contests' where we would see who could sing whose song the best, or which songs we each liked singing the most from each other's sets. And then it just grew from there..."

Floor picks up the narrative here. "Then one day, we started thinking to ourselves: what would happen if we actually traded places and joined each other's bands?"

"Most of our fans share the same fanbase," Charlotte points out, "we know that many of them have always been curious to hear how each of us would sound as guests on the other's projects. So imagine how they will feel when they hear what we'll sound like as full-time bandmembers!"

The hardest part of their plan to switch roles was bringing this up to their bandmates. "Surprisingly, they have all been very supportive!" Charlotte admits, "The Delain guys all love Floor and can't wait to have her on board. The Nightwish guys have all become friends of mine and they are excited to hear what kind of things I can do with their material as well."

Both women know a move like this is unprecedented, but they both look forward to the challenge. "I have been in various bands and musical projects before, and my fans have always been there with me every step of the way," Floor says, "I think most of them are open-minded enough to give this a try and see what happens next. 

And one upside to being the new singer of Delain is that every now and then, I will still get the chance to sing with Marco!"

To read the full interview and further details of how this interesting idea came to fruition, click on the link below.

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To our Oceansouls in Paris, our friends at Nightwish France and Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen French Fanpage and to all the Eagles Of Death Metal fans in attendance at the show, to all their loved ones and families…our thoughts are with you. 

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Happy Halloween, Oceansouls!

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On this day in Nightwish history: October 25th, the passing of the ultimate Nightwish fan, Marc Brueland, who lost his battle with cancer 12 years ago today. His courageous spirit inspired the song "Higher Than Hope", where he is immortalized in song.

Here are some pictures that Marc's family shared with us years ago to post on our webpage. We share them here with you and ask that you take a moment to remember our original American Oceansoul on the day of his passing.
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TODAY IN OSA HISTORY: 12 years ago today (October 15th, 2003), Oceansouls of America was born! We started off as a handful of people, and now we are more than 1200 strong on Facebook and over 700 on Tumblr! From the start, we have always thrived best on word-of-mouth advertisement; and it is that loyalty that has kept us going for these last 12 years. We couldn't do it without your love and support. You're the best, Oceansouls!

In honor of this special day, and because it is Throwback Thursday, here is the special greeting that Floor and Tuomas made for us in commemoration of our 10-year anniversary back in 2013. For those of you who missed it the first time or have never heard it before, we share it with you on our special day as you celebrate with us! #WeWereHere  

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A new Nightwish trailer is online! The next chapter in their ongoing EFMB saga continues, and it's all about the North American tour!

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So as we know, the last show of a Nightwish tour can get a little crazy, as we see here from Marco's onstage attire when he joined Delain onstage in Sliver Spring!

Thanks to Chip for sharing.
Marco & Delain
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It's been a tradition for Nightwish to bring their opening acts onstage with them at the end of a tour, and it was no different in Silver Spring when the members of Sabaton and Delain joined the band for the end of "The Greatest Show on Earth"! Also, take note of Sabaton's drummer Hannes (who also happens to be Floor Jansen's boyfriend), who pays the ultimate tribute to his lady by dressing up in her stage costumes! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all! wink emoticon

Thanks to Delain American Street Team for sharing.

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No sooner than the North American tour ends and we barely have time to miss the band already, guess what? They will be back! Take a look at the North American tour planned for early next year!

Thanks to The Enigma for sharing.
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