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Here it is! Marshmallow 6.0.1 for the ADT-1! Everything works!

Find it here:

Currently all that is missing is an LED Color Control App (works manually for now), Nexus Remtoe Pairing/Mic (May not even be possible), Casting is broken (but is also broken/limited on stock), and Rear Button doesn't function in recovery.

CM-13.0 TV and Tablet builds, as well as PureNexus Tablet builds to follow!

Anybody has ADT-1 dev cable to sell?
It's been for a while never touch my ADT-1 and now I'm trying to do something but I have misplaced my dev cable.

Is there another type or remote or controller I can use with the ADT-1?

I need something with remote capabilities and a possible keyboard. They exist controller is too xbox for me.

Hows everyone?! been a while! 

FS ADT-1 with Pure Nexus 6.0 and controller, $120.00 shipped in the US. Send email to jeffpiercemagic(at)

hey evrey one i get my hands on the adt1 with 5.0.2 ver
cant upgrade to 6.0.1 ??
anyone help?

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Spent some time tonight working on 7.0 (only tablet for now) for the ADT-1!

Got through all build errors, and have a build ready to test tomorrow.

Off to bed for now though.

crosses fingers

Getting ready to flash the Android M rom.. Is there anything after the upgrade that I should install to make if better

My remote app (the standard Android TV app) no longer works with my ADT-1 Dev Kit via Bluetooth. Any idea why and any fix?
Using the stock rom it came with for the moment. 
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