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Here it is! Marshmallow 6.0.1 for the ADT-1! Everything works!

Find it here:

Currently all that is missing is an LED Color Control App (works manually for now), Nexus Remtoe Pairing/Mic (May not even be possible), Casting is broken (but is also broken/limited on stock), and Rear Button doesn't function in recovery.

CM-13.0 TV and Tablet builds, as well as PureNexus Tablet builds to follow!

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Now that G+ is dying in 90 days, we need somewhere to go. I'll be setting it up more in the coming week, but for now, feel free to join here!

Post-Google Plus shutdown ADT-1 community site?

Just checking in to see if there's been any progress on this.

Does anyone have a spare developer cable they wouldn't mind parting with? Annoyingly the unit I have didn't come with one!

I tried to make one from a USB Y-cable, a 2.1A USB charger and UC-E6 Cable for a Nikon camera but it didn't work. The original charger is rated 3.0A so I suspect it couldn't supply enough current.

Does anyone have a system image or dump of the original 4.4 kitkat based firmware that the ADT-1 units initially shipped with?

I was just wondering if there has been any development since the last post 7 weeks ago? I still use my ADT-1 a lot and would love a LineageOS build for it.

We have a fellow Lineage OS Developer in need of an ADT-1!

And another in need of just the power cable.

If anyone is interested in donating one of these to development, please email me.

CM-14.1 is stuck waiting for us to figure out Bluetooth. Other than that, it is ready to ship.

Lineage-15.1 currently doesn't boot, but reaches boot animation! So that's progress from not booting at all (:

I am in desperate need of an additional Power Cable for an ADT-1 (don't need a developer cable).

If anyone has one they can sell, please let me know.

Also, FYI, all we have left to fix is Bluetooth (have to port a newer ChromeOS driver) then we can ship Lineage OS 14.1 officially :) (in both TV and Tablet formats).

I am hoping someone can help with the power cable wiring for ADT-1.
I have two but only one PSU. I only use it for TV and still works great for now, but would like to get the other up and running.
The cable has 6 wires.
2 x red
2 x black
1 x white
1 x yellow
I have connected the red to 5v and black to ground, it shows the android logo, led lights up, but then after about 5 seconds or so shuts down.
regards jp
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