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Anybody have some recommendations that have came out recently?

"Hell House LLC" is new and available on Amazon Stream. It's top shelf stuff.

"The Good Neighbor" is also somewhat new and it's actually available on Netflix now. It's not bad for a mainstream FF movie.

That's all of the really recent ones I can think of right now.
Also, these two websites may be REALLY useful to some of you searching for ones you haven't seen yet:
(this one has the largest list I've seen so far.)
(this one sticks to looking for the best ones and gives in depth reviews for each.)

Happy Hunting! 

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Classroom 6 is one of the most sold/rented films on Xbox and better than Halo, Assassin's Creed and Gears of War combined! Watch it now:

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Halloween starts early in 2015! This Friday, October 9, it's time to go to Classroom 6! 

Pre-Order on iTunes if you can't wait:…

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I wish I was good at catching good footage! My mom has this talent to get really cool stuff. I tried to follow her footsteps but it didn't work out so well for me. Maybe with a little more practice?
Shelly Slader | 

The following apps a friend recommended they work great together.

YouTube downloader:
And if you don't trust this one not found in Google play there's this one:
Google play store approved: "Easy Video Downloader"

Dice player: <---works with a lot of media formats.

Media Converter:

If you need a file manager these are great:

File Manager:

ES File Explorer  File Manager:

I use both because each coming handy depending on what I'm doing. The first one comes with a cool media player and works great for YouTube uploads. I use the second one for system maintenance.

Doesn't have as many functions as the other. And if you ask me the nonplay one is safe. this is similar to the first software mentioned. I would suggest that one even through its not Google approved.

AntiVirus Security - FREE:

I've found that YouTube Downloader works great for audio videos available on YouTube if you download the low quality 3GP since it's just music and most full albums will be under 20mb with good sound quality. I have a lot of apps to do almost anything creation/creativity wise which most I discovered on my own combing through and testing a lot. 
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