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Hey Guys gonna be streaming some Rabi Ribi so come say HI

Hello! I'm not sure how active this still is, but I just wanted to introduce myself briefly. You can call me Steena, I'm about 5 years into my studies but I'm kind of just now starting Genki 2 because I went through a huuuuuge slacker phase :/ But still, it's really cool you guys are doing this and I'd love to be part of it :)

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Hi( ^ω^ )I'm from japan

Japanese karaoke training for weeaboo s

It's funny movie


#otaku #weeaboo #weeaboos #karaoke #learnjapanese #katakana #rap #imovie #kreva

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Hey guys, I made a post about the Potential Form which has manga examples. I'll probably be adding more examples if this is the kind of thing people like. All feedback is welcome!

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Hello! I'm a beginner in Japanese. Is there a good starting point you guys could show me? Thanks

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Hey I'm looking to dive back into my rotos and go back to my Heritage of Japanese after nearly three-hundred years of being away from the Nearest part of my Heritage. My family originated in 1566 Japan under the house of Hasumai, a royal family where my originas connect to royalty.

Could someone maybe help ,e out? I just want to get back into the spin of things.

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The best Audio stories application, Original stories, original stories, junior stories, educational stories, classic audio books, poems and music, myths and world stories.
I'm listening and very like it, share for u.

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Learn Japanese free app on your smart phone. Im using now n very very like it.
And i want to share this app for everyone. Haha
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