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join, we got bunch of positions open, including Uchiha, Jinchūriki, Kages and more.

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Clan Template:

Name: Kurochi Clan

Appearance: Black Hair Blue/Green eyes

Kekkei Genkai \Hiden:
-Boidogan (Void Eye)
-1st stage increases strength and speed
-2nd stage
-Void Time can slow down time for a short time pulse the boosts from the first stage
-3rd stage
-Void Lock Creates a sphere of chakra that traps a single enemy plus the abilities of the first two
-4th stage
-Void Space user sucks a enemy into the users own dimension where they control everything and the users strength increases ten fold this also gives the buffs of the first three stages

Chakra Nature:

How many members are there?: there are very few

Clan Bio: Many years ago the Kurochi clan thrived with many members with immense power in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu using their powerful Boidogan to strike fear into other clans the clan was led by the twin brothers Jikoro and Indrako who led the clan many hardships the brothers then began to fight over their beliefs Jikoro believed that the true power of the clan could be found through compassion Jikoro's followers were called The Koro where as Indrako and his followers the Drako believed that the clan's true power would be brought out with brute force the war went on with the Koro as the victors they then banished the Drako from the Hidden Leaf to the Hidden Mist

1-4 stages in that order
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{Midnight, Rainy. Open rp.} De stepped through the streets of konohagakure, he baught Ramen earlier, but he already finished it, so now he's looking for something to so, his anbu clothes were stil on from an earlier mission, but he wasn't really tired yet, maybe there'd be something cool tonight-well, this morning. "Hmm"

So when is the roleplaying gonna happen, I see nothing new recently.

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Profile Template:

Name: Neo
Clan: Ranmanru
Family:(Who is related to you? Are they related by blood or adoption? Are they NPC's or Profiles?)

Appearance (May use picture instead)
Height:(How tall are you?)5
Weight: (How much do you weigh?)
Hair color:(What color is your hair?)

Likes:(What do you enjoy?)
Dislikes:(What do you hate?)
Fears:(What scares you?)
Bio: There is nothing much about him the most important thing is that he is a very gentle and intelligent boy and he was raised up by a villager in kirigakure and he dose not known his parents.His Kekkei Genkai was trigger when a jounin insulted him because his does not have parents....this makes him really mad....although he didn't fight the jounin but it create hatred in heart....When ever he sees the jounin he always wish to kick his ass..Neo didn't notice that he has triggered the eye not until he was given a mission to stop a very strong robber who live in a village closer to kiri and robbed them, collecting all their treasures .....As time goes on Neo began to train on his Kekkei Genkai with the help of a secret scroll he found in his father box......

Ninja Registration
Ninja Registration Number:(What is the number assigned to your ninja?)000005
Rank: Genin
Are you a biju?(If yes say which beast)
Are you a Sage? (If yes state what kind)
Missions completed:(How many missions have you completed?)
S:(Extremely rare)


0-10:Academy level, you don't really have any experience with this particular area.

11-30:Genin level, you have a small amount of experience.

31-50:Chunin level, you are experienced with this area but have yet to completely master it.

51-70:Jonin level, you have pretty much mastered this area.

71-80:Anbu Leader level, you are pretty much a more experienced jonin and your Kage has great trust in you.

81-100: Kage level, you are nearly unrivaled in your mastery of this area.

101-110: Above Kage level, the only thing that can overcome a Kage mastery level, this is EXTREMELY uncommon.

Kekkei Genkai:25
(Add more if needed)

Chakra Nature(s

List of know jutsu's\abilities
(List of techniques you know, must update when you learn something new. Genin start with 5 Jutsu's, chunin start with 10, jonin start 15, Kage start with 20.)


This technique changes earth into fine sand by channelling chakra into it, allowing the user to dig through it like a mole. This effect goes around the body (not just the hands), making it just large enough for a person to move through. The user can pinpoint where they are, despite being underground, by sensing the magnetic forces. They can also sense what is happening on the surface and use that information to launch a surprise attack on the enemy.[2][3][4] One can also hide deep in the ground, escaping to a depth where the enemy can't reach. It also appears that after digging, the ground can be returned to its original state, leaving no trace of where the user entered the earth.[5

Earth Release: Earth Crushing Spikes Technique
The user channels earth-natured chakra through the ground and causes an uprising of spiked earth that can impale a target of his choice.

Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Double Suicide Decapitation Technique)
Rank: D
Description:Doton • Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will travel through the ground to appear below their target. They will then surprise their target by then pulling them into the ground. Once in the ground their target is thus immobilized.

Doton Bunshin no Jutsu [ Earth Clone Skill ]
Rank: E
Official Description: This jutsu creates one single clone out of the ground. Its defense is incredible, and it's very powerful, but lacks speed. Two hits will destroy the bunshin.

Doton: Doryuu Heki (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall)
Rank: D
Description: A defensive jutsu in which the user creates a thick wall of mud and earth to defend against an attack. For every rank, the wall of mud is twenty feet wider and fifteen feet higher. Dragging the ground with one's foot, the wall comes into existence

Doton: Ganchūrō no Jutsu - Earth Release: Earth Pillar Prison
Type: Support
This jutsu at the cost of no hand seals and a fair amount of chakra creates a large amount of rock pillars from under ground. They can then be controlled to surround their opponent and create a bamboo-like thicket of rock.

Max jutsu for:
Missing Ninja:30

Mission Skills (Use points system ↑)

Guys I just learned ryo zenpaci from the blood prision move had the reningan

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|| Advancing to the next stage ||

Kawaki would be training in the fields practicing his Chidori just like what his father wanted him to do till a man with the eyes of a Uchiha appears behind him. He realize this face there was no way it could be him. Karyū, Kawaki jumps away from Karyū to gain his distance from him. Karyū stares at his little brother before he spoken out.

Karyū:......Kawaki I'm here to kill you....

Kawaki would activate his sharingan, the first Temoe would appear in both of his eyes, Kawaki came running towards Karyū blinded with hatred he didn't think of analyzing his situation. When he got close enough to his brother he would swing his left hand over to his jaw. Karyū slide to the left before Kawaki could get his fist close enough to his jaw, to counter he would kick Kawaki in his stomach and would most likely to be sent in the air where he would meet fifteen fire balls that would be coming at him. Kawaki would be hit by the fire balls and be badly damage by his brother attack, when he lands back on the ground he could barely be able to get himself back up. When he looks back to where his brother was at he wasn't there, that's when he saw a single crow that flew behind him. He quickly turned around and sees the crow and many others was forming into Karyū, Karyū eyes would suddenly change into a advance version of the sharingan. The Mangekyo sharingan, Kawaki then preforms the hand signs for Chidori, starting off with Ox > Monkey > Hare and had his hand next to his side, placing his right hand on his left arm. Lightning would then appear in the palm of his hand and that's when he began to run. He held his hand in front of him like a spear, when he would get close to him Karyū grabbed Kawaki hand and pinned him against the ground. He would look at Kawaki eyes using the Tsukuyomi to trap him in a Genjutsu of him killing the Uchiha's. In reality his eyes change to the next stage of the sharingan. Before Karyū left he would whisper in Kawaki eyes and with his words he planted the seed of hatred and soon it will grow. Karyū gets off of Kawaki and left the area.
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|| Kawaki the Uchiha Prodigy vs Aou the bearer of the demon fox ||
((Why do I always gotta make posts lol))
Kawaki was out in the training field practicing his fire ball jutsu and many other ninja skills till he noticed that someone was behind him. He turns around and realize it was Aou, for all the time he could spent in his training. He walks pass him closing his eyes while doing so he was listening to Aou movements

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¥//The First Level Of The Tsuchigan\\¥
Kai was in the forest in extreme training hitting targets with kunai and shuriken and hitting training dummies Then some "Thugs" came by with a ladies belongings he told Kai to shut up and don't say a word for a second Kai let them off then using body flikr he appeared infront if one if them and round house kicked them the second one came behind him and started using hand signs Kai realized that this one meant he used chakra and ninjustu and was a regular ninja the "Thug" used fireball jutsu on Kai and Kai was left in the fire not being able to respond but by putting his hand in an x shaped form he resisted some damage Kai was laying on the floor with all bruised up but still had his consciousness the "Thug" standing right above him chuckling Kai stood up even though he was hurt and opened his eyes as His tsuchigan was awakened the "Thug" became traumatized and scared he started shaking but still tried to take on Kai, the battle became easy to Kai once he awakened it and Kai demolished the "thug" deactivated his tsuchigan and went to the lady and gave her belongings to the girl

(I have a question for my second form of the tsuchigan which is unknown by our clan members could it have powers like the mangekyou sharingan such as amateratsu but not really amateratsu I have an Idea for something else its gonna be a kind of defensive and offensive jutsu)
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