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Saturday next , 15 November at 1930(AZ) we can meet online at Roll20. I will make the space and send links via this thread.

Since we are all over the time- map during the week, trying to get a quorum may be too challenging. I propose that if you want to make contact with me, throw out the night you want to do it and I'll let you know if it is possible. I'll advert the date on this thread so that of anyone else can jump in they may (unless you tell me you want this to be 1v1)

Characters: Anything from the Mongoose Core Rulebook, any of the numbered career books and or any of the canon Aliens (Hiver, Vargr, Aslan, Droyne)

We will be in the Spinward Marches, specific sector/system TBA. We will be in Imperium-controlled space at the beginning. 

Hints: I love Firefly with an unnatural passion. Joss Whedon purportedly played Traveller in the UK while in school. His antipathy for aliens generally notwithstanding,  I hold that these things are related. You have been warned.

I have no patience for rules lawyering and min-maxing: this will be a game of relative equals. I will wave my hands a lot- this generates Handwavium which I find essential to a good gaming session. I want you to have a good time - all of you.

PM if you have specific questions.

Looking for one or two additional players for a regular Monday night (7pm Central) Traveller campaign, set in the Domain of Deneb during the Golden Age of the Third Imperium. Using Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition rules. We're using Roll20 and Discord.

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The Ship crest I created for our MgT2 Roll20 game. The Echo is a Lightning-Class cruiser lost behind enemy (Zhodani) lines durnin the Fourth Frontier war. S

In case any of you are still monitoring this, I am wanting to play in or try and run another game. It may not be MgT - I'm thinking of branching out into Fragged Empire for a spell, but could be swayed.

Hope everyone is well!

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welp that's something you don't see everyday
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