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Did a post previously about this, but I thought I do it again now that Android Wear 2.0 been around awhile.

How should a watch face display Wear 2.0
complications when there currently are no data?

[ Check out this video first: ]

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Display nothing
Display provider icon & "--"
Don't know

+AppGlobe Hi I recently purchased your watch face and I really love it. There is only one thing. Is it possible to show the numbers when in ambient mode (they dissapear when going in to Ambient mode)? I'm really missing that possibility.

Best wishes!

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I love this watch face and have been using it consistently since I bought my Ticwatch SE.

I use the Upper top content area to display Unread notification count from General provider.

Previously, if there were no notifications, this area would be blank. However now when there are no notifications, number '0' is displayed, and it is quite annoying. I would prefer to see nothing if there are no notifications.

Is there anyway this can be changed so the Upper top content area is blank if there are no notifications?

I really, really want to like this Watch Face but there is one thing keeping me from using it.

I use an app called JellyLauncher that I use to replace the stock launcher. It can be activated by setting it as a complication and tapping it to launch.

I have read all of your explanations about this, but I'd really just love it if we had the option to have a single tap complication option. Just making this an option (not the default behavior) would allow me to seamlessly open JellyLauncher in one tap. I have tried the double tap option but it isn't perfect.

This is the only thing keeping me from using Ksana Sweep and really hope you consider adding this option. Thanks!

Can someone please explain what the second hand setting does? I do not understand how to use it.

First to all, Thanks for develop this watch face. I love it.

For to be perfect, for me, I wish I could change the design of the clock's hands. Choose between 2 or 3 models.

I'd like when you clic on one area (complication) the provider app was launched right away instead of the menu to change content and the ico to launch de app.


I have bought the app on my smartwatch's Google play.
I was charged on my credit card... But the app is not downloading. I have rebooted the watch... And the app still not purchased.

Smart watch
LG urbane Lte running 7.1.1.

Hola, no consigo instalar la aplicación. El mensaje auto-instalando no deja de aparecer. Me pueden ayudar?

Seems like the watch face won't sync to my watch. I've already tried resyncing all apps but that didn't help :(
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