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Inspiring science to re-share with friends for Christmas morning fun bug-watching outside.

Anybody know someone who has conducted interviews? Looking for someone with experience to talk to students about interviewing to prep them for interviews they will be doing this year.

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My main focus for the first month of Science 8 to set up the rest of the year. 

And done. The eCampusLive Biology 12 lessons are complete and posted -- Flipped learning affords much more time for project and ideally, inquiry-based approaches.

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If you couldn't swing the Bangkok event (Early Bird seats still available at $99 for a full weekend of hands-on edtech learning, networking AND great food) then come see us in Malaysia: 

Future Ready Learning Bangkok March 21-22:

Or, hey, let's collaborate. Become a school liaison and join the team!

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Stumbled upon a neat trick in Sheets

Data Validation in Sheets for Managing Projects:

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How do we improve PD for teachers? This should be a ridiculous question.

I mean, we’re teachers! Right? If there is anything we are supposed to know about it’s well, teaching and learning. So then why are so many conferences and workshops less than completely satisfying? And how can we change this?

Let’s do something obvious. Let’s approach a PD from the perspective of a class. Which it is.

Hello Everybody, I'm a graduate student in a program about Distance Education.  I'm very exciting to be working on a project about the design of eportfolios for early childhood (ages 0-8) with parents, family, and children as co-creators.  I am looking for something which can be scaled and is fully open.  Not sure that Google+ is ready to compete with something like EduBlogs, but seeing open source stuff out of Mahara, and feeling pretty hopeful...but sometimes a mix of something commercial and something open (like Google+ is most sustainable).   Just wondering if anyone has created eportfolios for classrooms, schools, or kids.  It's easier to do the pro-D and professional communities on here.  Also, I've been looking at some apps like EasyBlogger Jr. and wondering if they can be used with Google+ on ipads or androids.  Any feedback?

Knee deep into Biology 12 screencasts for a new flipped class at CHSS next year.  It's said to keep the casts short, but I really don 't agree considering there are so many great anecdotes & insights to share.  I designed the course foundations around problem-based / inquiry-learning choice.  

Having taught the flipped Biology 11 class, it's great to reflect and move forward with some experience.  Exciting time
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