I registered our clan for Clan wars and now I can't seem to log in. I have tried all email addresses I would typically use and they all say account doesn't exist. Can someone please assist me? Thank you

I'm the founder for Guardians for the Sith and I must say that your site is the best thing to happen to Destiny in a long time. I just founded my clan back in November and I've been trying to get them more actively involved with other clan members and not just trying to do Raids all the time. Your site has given my clan a push that was just an amazing sight to see today! Much like Iron Banner, today's event brought out the PVP in my non PVP players all trying to hit that #1 spot on your leaderboards together as one single unit. It truely was amazing! Thank you for providing this service and for doing something that bungie hasn't done. It's helping to keep Destiny a fun gaming experience!



Hi. I have an issue where im in a clan in the bungie app but when i check on destiny clan wars it says nothing to see here. Can i please get back to this my psn is mazboi1769

I have registered on clan wars, linked my account with bungie, but we have not been included in clan wars for the last few events. What am I missing? My clan is called DoD Guardian Down


I've tried signing up for clan wars but it keeps telling me my bungie account isn't valid

I've tried signing up for clan wars but it keeps telling me that my bungie account isn't valid.

Should do an event based on raids and the weekly challenges in it.

Curious that if your clan name changed(ie DoD backpack raiders -~>misfit raiders) and when u click view on bungie.net it reclects the current clan but we are showing up as previous clan name, any help to get that changed would be awesome.
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