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On this community I will inform you guys about the gaming videos I'm doing and we can show picture of our gaming YouTube videos. It will be awesome. We can also share information and help each other with gaming videos. This first thing you do is tell your three most favorite games that your personally like to play, after that then you can give some advice if someone was going to make YouTube videos with games that you have.

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Oh My god Jack Baker Was chasing me again! So I was walking through #residentevil7 and of course this boss #JackBaker come from dead and want to kill me again. This time with #chainsaw! But I Kill Him!!! I hope He die at LAST!!! PLZ

We are going to do good gaming. I can't wait for this summer.

My three favorite games I like to play: Warframe, Yu-Gi-Oh legacy of duelist, and Resident Evil 5. These are just a few of the games that I like to play. If, you would like to learn more just ask.
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