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One of the greatest keys to success in business, is your ability to negotiate well, to get what you want at the same time keeping the other party happy. However, many have not developed the mindset to appreciate that everything is negotiable in business. Often times this is because focus is always placed on one thing, i.e. the PRICE. While price is such a significant part of most business deals, there are other things that one can deploy in the process to get the best deal. These include, negotiating on moratorium periods on interest or principal payments, longer or shorter repayment terms, cash or sales discounts, trade discounts, added value such as free delivery, and many more. Never turn your back on a deal just because the quoted price is not agreeable to you. Think and you would always find something to offer the other party that could be irresistible for them to refuse.
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Binary options has become a really popular way of making money off the financial market with many people transitions across from forex. I am an account manager with over 3years of experience trading binary options and I currently offer account management and tutoring to any looking to make money from trading binary options. With a minimum investment of 500$ yields an average weekly profit of up to8000$. With me, you are free to create you own account and have access to it whenever you choose as there is full transparency with me and no hidden charges. Feel free to inbox me or email me on if you are interested

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"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." William Pollard.

Helping people to express their best. Corporate Headshots and Business Portraits around all San Francisco Bay Area.
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Future call performance : Date 21/4/17 Monthly charges 5000/-

RELIANCE BUY 1405 Zoooomed to 🚀🚀💥💥 1413.95 Book part profit @1413 gain of 8*500=4000 per lot gain

2017-04-19 Futuer Call : INFRATEL BUY 344 Zoooomed to 🚀🚀💥💥🎆🎆 356 All target met @355 gain of 11*1600=17600 per lot gain

2017-04-19 HIGHRECO Future Call : TATASTEEL BUY 450 Zoooomed to💥💥🚀🚀🎆🎆 460.70 1st tgt met @460 gain of 10*2000=20000 per lot gain

Performance, Plans and more info Visit

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Fredags Flash: Pernille Bøge

Brug for ledelsesrådgivning med kant og menneskelig dybde?

"Der er ikke så meget pis med Pernille. Processen har været vidunderlig fri for bullshit og buzzwords. En spade bliver kaldt en spade, det har handlet om os - vores lederteam - og ikke noget, der skal passe ind i en kasse."
Erik Junker, Skoledirektør.

Brug for et uhøjtideligt, men seriøst samarbejde om jeres leder- og #organisationsudvikling?

"Pernille skaber en kultur som befordrer, at vi flytter os. På sin uhøjtidelige, men dybt seriøse og kompetente facon, formår hun at etablere det miljø, der skal være tilstede for at en innovationsproces lykkes."
Anette Stevn Jensen, Centerchef

Brug for en professionel mentor, der møder dig med liv og sjæl?

Pernille Bøge er cand. mag. ID #Coach og ID #Mentor, #ledelsesrådgiver og faciliterer forandringer i #virksomheder. Hun er mentor for #ledere, #konsulenter og #HR-partnere, der ønsker ligeværdig og indsigtsfuld sparring.

Læs mere på Levlykkeligt lige herunder:


Welcome to SLAWBUD BUILDERS COMPANY. We are a friendly and reliable team that offers full kitchen and bathroom refurbishing aswell as a variety of general jobs. We always have in mind our clients needs. We have  a great reputation within our clients, we are also a fully expirienced and respected company.

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