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Name: Ariana hope
And she is a daughter of Hecate
Weapon: magic

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Name: Adriane Black
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Goddly parents: Athena
Weapon: Bow and arrow,dagger,a sword of Athena
Personality: Brave,fearless,fighter, confidence, protective
Zodic: Capricorn
Likes: Being alone,archery practice, fighting practice
Dislikes: Ares,watching my ppl die in front of me,
Bio: I was very different from my brothers and sisters at camp I was leased with the mark of Athena and has a mark of her on my arm

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Name: Olliver Itzal (Just call him Olliver...)
Age: 13
Gender: Male (Homosexual)
Picture: Down(town)
Child of: Khione (Don't judge, she's cool)

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Name: Luke Castellan Age: 17 Gender: Male Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword Picture:(Down below) Child of God/Goddess: Hermes.
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I hope everyone remembered cuz its TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

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Name: Auorra Winter
Divine Parent:Zeus
Counselor or not:nope
Hunter of Artimes or not:nope
Eye color:Dark Green
Hair color:Raven black
Dislikes:Stupid people,monsters,uncaring Gods
Likes:Mother,Caring Gods,chocolate, money,power
Typical outfit:girly,causal
Picture Preferred:
Powers:Areokinesis and Electronikinesis
Fatal Flaw:Pride
Face Claim:Katie McGrath
Weapons:A sword that can turn into a ring,A dagger that is dipped with deadly venom from the underworld that can turn into a hair accessory
Pets:A phionex
Other:Eagle necklace from mother
Back Story:Auorra was born to a huntress. She was taught how to fight from her mother Lily. She is good with most weapons. Lily was killed by monsters when they attacked the Camp. Auorra killed the monsters that killed her mother in a fit of rage. She then buried her mother. Her mother's last words were"This is a necklace my Mother gave to me I want you to have it" and Lily gave her the eagle necklace before she died.
Auorra swore that the Gods will pay in blood for her mother's death. She has grown distant from her friends. She has anger issues. She is slowly being brought from her grieving. She may or may not be an enemy of the camp depending on the future.


Maybe I can make a character please?
Name: Lili
Age: 11 (if that is not allowed then 13)
Personality: tries really hard to be kind, smart, sweet, shy sometimes, funny, a bit weird, talkative, claustrophobic, sensitive
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