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Me gust having fun!! Lol
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Name: Adriane Black
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Goddly parents: Athena
Weapon: Bow and arrow,dagger,a sword of Athena
Personality: Brave,fearless,fighter, confidence, protective
Zodic: Capricorn
Likes: Being alone,archery practice, fighting practice
Dislikes: Ares,watching my ppl die in front of me,
Bio: I was very different from my brothers and sisters at camp I was leased with the mark of Athena and has a mark of her on my arm

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Name: Olliver Itzal (Just call him Olliver...)
Age: 13
Gender: Male (Homosexual)
Picture: Down(town)
Child of: Khione (Don't judge, she's cool)

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Name: Luke Castellan Age: 17 Gender: Male Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword Picture:(Down below) Child of God/Goddess: Hermes.
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I hope everyone remembered cuz its TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I can make a character please?
Name: Lili
Age: 11 (if that is not allowed then 13)
Personality: tries really hard to be kind, smart, sweet, shy sometimes, funny, a bit weird, talkative, claustrophobic, sensitive

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Name: Matilda
Age: 14
Gender: female
Likes: horse riding, fencing and swimming, planning strategies
Dislikes: daughters of venus
Godly parent: Bellona, roman goddess of war
Weapon: sword, spear, dagger, bow, basically any weapon
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