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Who's up for a? Spar holla whenevs. 

Jemuzu strolled peacefully down the street and walks towards a barbecue shop "Huh nothing happened to today" (Open Rp)

Stupid ramen shop being where am I supposed to get my breakfast sushi?

Tenga walked about, messing around with one of the strange black spikes he found he could produce, aside from making great walking sticks and, subsequently staffs with which to hit people, he found they didn't do much aside from come out of his hands.


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Name:Robato hyuga

Age :13

Clan :hyuga

Rank :Genin

Height :5'6

Weight :40kg

Family :main

Village :Hidden leaf

Bio :Robato was a boy that lost his father when he was 3 then his mother was accused of killing his father they where banished from the Village his mother was secretly training Robato to become a strong ninga and bring justice to his mother. 

Tengamaro was out, close to konohagakures main gates. His rinnegan were active and he was fighting, a red oak tree. Though he ran out of ninja tools and was about to get smacked by a branch. He flinched and his palm hurt, looking up, a pointed black staff like object was sticking out of his hand. Worried, he quickly yanked it out, though it left no marks.

Uhm...Hmm....that's strange.

Oh yeah. People can be trained by the Kage.

+Revolt Shine can you train my oc

Anyone want to rp?
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