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At previous PyGrunn meetings we have presented our vision of Web11. As indicated at that time we are going to organize a conference around Web11. That will be on friday the 25th at Het Paleis in Groningen. We are currently finalizing the schedule, but I'm very proud to say that this year's keynote speaker for the Web11 conference is Mr. Andreas M. Antonopoulos. In my humble opinion is by far the best thinker in the blockchain/cryptocurrencies space. Not only that, his presentations on the subject are as good as they get. Check for instance his presentation of the Senate of Canada:
Or this one on 'Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin:'
If the blockchain community needed a spokesman to defend them there would be only one candidate. His keynote and panel participation will certainly be an impressive addition to the already inspiring Web11 agenda. I hope you will join us on the 25th of september in Groningen. Find out more at and get your tickets there as well (only 35 euro!).
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Friends, I thought I couldn't go to the PyGrunn Conference, but now it seems I can go but the tickets are sold out. Does any of you have a spare ticket they can sell me?

Hey everybody,

Friday is PyGrunn day and it's shaping up to become an awesome happening again! Unfortunately one speaker had to cancel his talk at the last moment for personal reasons. This means we're looking for a replacement. We know it's on a short notice, but if you have something Python related that you would like to share with the dutch Python community, this is your chance. Talks are only half and hour and mostly a lot of fun. You'll get a lot in return as well:

- Free entrance (despite the fact that the event is sold out)
- Free t-shirt
- Free speakers dinner 
- Travel expenses covered
- Awesome audience
- An entry in the PyGrunn hall of fame :)

Please contact us a.s.a.p. if you are interested (info at in speaking at PyGrunn.


The PyGrunn organizing committee,
Bram Noordzij, Sietse van der Laan, Berco Beute

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We are proud to announce the line-up and tickets for the yearly PyGrunn event! Reserve the date, buy a ticket, and spread the word!

Folks, we don't have a speaker yet for tomorrow's (Tuesday, April 14th) Monthly PyGrunn. Please let us know a.s.a.p. if you would like to present something. Else we'll have to skip this episode.

Preparing a talk for the Big PyGrunn in May? Try it out on a PyGrunn Monthly!

Having something to say about a Pythonic subject, but not sure if you can fill an evening? Reach out and we'll mix and match!

Hi All,
The March slot is still available. Anyone interested in sharing a Python adventure?

Hey guys, I planned to give a talk coming Tuesday (Monthly PyGrunn) but I'm running out of time (I'm going on holiday the day after and still have tons of stuff to do). Anybody else interested in giving a talk? Else I'll postpone it 2 weeks.

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We've scheduled our Monthly PyGrunn's at, please go there for RSVP's. We'll keep announcing them here as well, of course. One day there'll be one platform... :)
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