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Lol its been many many many months since I've been on here and I want to thank you all for 700 members, just know that I'm not active on hee anymore but if you want to follow me on instagram my account name is pumpkindolann, I am active almost every day on there😁😁

hey everyone!!!!!

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Hi Darius Dobre
I love
Im 22.
I have family on here.
And a gf that his pregnant qith my and to knock the ahit outta someone qho really deserves it he done fucked up.
Dobre bros


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I love you so much and I love your video they are so funny and I love it πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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Who is more better Darius Dobre or My Brothers
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Darius Dobre
My Brothers

We love you so much
My Name is Darius Dobre on YouTube channel
I do funny Videos for my Kids and Brothers too
They are so cool and crazy too haha bye ??
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