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You removed my last post about my icons and I assume it's due to the link. Here are the icons directly.
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I made a few white icons for some apps I use a lot. This is my first time using illustrator so some of my pen tool lines got bumpy but the icons are so small that you don't really notice.

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Hey +Alex Miller​, any idea what's going on here? I'm on a 6P with Nougat 7.0. Lete know if you need some more information

New Banded beta will be live shortly. Switched the dashboard source to Icon Showcase.

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Update to Hexacon is rolling out.

- 10 New Icons; Allo, Duo, Link2SD, Lloyds, My5, Premier League, Prisma, Ryan Air, Simple Radio & Vodafone. Updated the Tendere icon.

- A few activity fixes.

Need to test the new Request Manager for the Polar Dashboard. Open the app and find the request icons link (in the drawer) and let me know what happens. If a list of apps to select pops up go ahead and send the request.

Anyone know how to get the appfilter.xml pulled from an APK? My hdd is corrupt and I didn't have the time or bandwidth to upload my source to the cloud before I moved.

I desperately need that file, the only other copy I have is from two years ago.

Where are all the damn guides for updating CM11 themes to the new 13 engine?

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AHX KLWP preset by +RK
Sand 3 weather komponent by +Zaibun Alexander
Banded app icons by +alex miller
Wall from +Claudio Felicetti
PSS Ultra by +Mike DePaul​

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Zooper widget by +Suzanne G.
Banded icons by +Alex Miller
Wall from G+
PSS Ultra by +Mike DePaul

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