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From the desk of Arandompackage


As we approach the final quarter of 2015, we've decided it's time we change our approach to the Android Icon Pack scene. With too many offerings on the Play Store it was clear we needed to do some house cleaning. 

With too many packs to update, time getting scarce, having to take on day (or night) jobs, and all the other things life throws at us, I was ready to quit. Just delete 'em all and shut down A Random Package and focus on something else. Then I remembered the time when I was having a blast recreating icons and making themes, and I wanted to get back to that. 

Over the course of a month and a half semi-hiatus I thought long and hard about what would be the most realistic way to go about things. Deleting them would be stupid and would leave a lot of you pissed off. So, what to do?

Recently themers like Ryan Kelly and Pedro Peguero Jr have done things like open source their packs or let other themers take the reigns on some of their work, freeing them up for new, exciting projects.

These are both good ideas, and seem to be working out for the artists involved; so I began considering how to delegate some of my projects. Releasing the PSD files for some of them seems the most natural way for my older, less supported themes to live on. So that's what we're doing. 

I'll be maintaining five of my themes, Banded, Inverse, Influx, Focus, and Jive.

The remaining themes will be available for the public to contribute to. I will hand select one or two moderators for each theme and we will pick which icons make into the packs and the updates will be pushed through the arandompackage account. Minimo and Eternel will be set free to accommodate these changes, and a new section in the dashboard will be added to include credits for icons made by the community. So, Flatcons, Ainokea, Minimo, and Eternel will be all yours. Links and instructions for those interested will be posted soon.


For about a year or more I was preoccupied with the move, which was a major life shift for me and my entire family. And during that time a flood of themers came on the scene, saturating the market with no respect for craftsmanship or quality. It seemed that anyone with a pirated copy of Photoshop, and a couple hundred bucks to get them in on some dashboard source, considered themselves an Android designer. And I don't mean to be rude, but I thought the main objective of icon packs were to make Android devices look nicer.

Anyway, supply and demand being what it is, Android icon packs are, on average, more than a dollar (US) less than those of the iOS theming community. Dude, I know, Apples and Androids, but still. The reason I added the donate option to my dashboard is because I believe, as others do, that my work is worth more than two bucks. It was very flattering and I've even received considerate donations since adding it. Huge thank you to those that have, you know who you are and how much you rock. But, i'm removing the option before any new updates roll out.

The reason for the removal may seem odd or even downright idiotic, but that's okay. My remaining premium icon packs, that are not community sourced, and are all recreated and pixel hinted by me personally will be available for $2.99 beginning September first.
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Minimo version 5 is here!

Now with more minimal!

Don't like the new look? That's OK, version four icons are still in the pack and can be applied manually in most launchers.

Get it here:
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Banded Dark < Banded Inverse < Inverse

Banded Inverse is now known as Inverse. Such a simple re branding, yet it took so long. Oh well, it got hit with the same update as it's ever do-well twin, Banded. Oh, and it's on sale for a little while.

Get it here: 
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Focus is now live for everyone

Included in the theme
• 1,485 Icons
• Dashboard App
• Full icon request app
• Icon Search Feature
• Visual Icon Index with Theme Preview
• Icon masking/backing support for unthemed icons. 
• Custom Wallpapers
• Muzei LWP Plugin
• Exclusive Zooper Pro Widgets by +Tha Muthafuckin BEARD 
• Custom Analog Clock Widget
▪ Help/FAQs
▪ Quick-launch Apply actions

Huge thanks to all beta testers, without their feedback Focus may have never happened. Stay tuned over the weekend for updates of other themes and an announcement. 

Happy Aloha Friday and don't forget to plus one and reshare! 
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Thank you +Edward Smith​ & +Dei G​!
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M C Nelson

Discussion  - 
Thanks for the invite bro! What font are you using for your random logo? 
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Very nice brotha!!! Looks slick 
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I've been busy.
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Yo it's cool if i lick my screen after seeing dis tho right?!..?

--...yo these icons taste like my hand ✋ 
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Really not diggin Focus on an AMOLED. Too saturated. With which display do you rock Focus?
71 votes  -  votes visible to Public
No fucking clue; who cares?
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+Alex Miller i like them, however i think the icons could be a bit less saturated :)
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How the fuck have y'all been? Me, I've been working on two major projects and also working part time for an existing startup company as well as my usual client work. Needless to say my icon packs haven't been updated in a while and for that I apologize. However, in the wee hours of every morning I have been working on a solution to this.

Over the next few weeks or so you'll see large updates to my existing offerings, and quite possibly something new.

The updates start today.

Beginning with the fan favorite Banded (and it's evil twin, Inverse). This update includes hundreds of broken activity fixes, many updated icon glyphs and 92 new icons. Dude, that's almost a hundred! Bet your ass it is. Beta testers get first crack at it to let me know of the activities/icons that are still broken after this update.
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Glad to hear things are going well for you! Also excited for the updates! Yay! 
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It's on it's way.
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My body is ready.
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About this community

Manuel Ester

Discussion  - 
The wallpaper section of influx and ainokea do not work for me. Wallpapers are not loading and after pressing retry several times the apps crash. Love the included wallpapers and would be great to be able to use them again. Stock 5.1 on my Moto X 2014. 
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Fix in progress ☺
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Some changes are coming to the community and I will need a few moderators. Who's down?
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Let me help!
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OK, who amongst us are the biggest Flatcons fans?
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Wow. Haven't used them in a while 😕
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The weekend of updates begins with Banded

Now with OVER 1400 ICONS

Get it here:
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Yay! So many icons! Thank you! 
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How often do you use the Search Icons function in the dashboard?
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Usually only after am update.
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Focus is now in open beta.

This shouldn't affect those already in the beta through this community, however, membership is no longer required. 

We will see how this goes with Focus and determine whether or not other packs will follow suit.

For now check for the update that I pushed a few hours ago and let me know if any issues arise.
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From Greycons to Focus...

As of today I will be taking a break from design. A long break.

My icon packs will stay on the Play Store, at least for a little while. I haven't decided if I'm going to delete them all and suspend my dev account yet. Focus will stay as is, saturated as fuck and still in beta. If you want a refund shoot me an email.

I rarely share about my personal life here, and there is good reason for that. Its a mess and I need to fix it. I hope you all understand.

Its not that I don't fucking love you guys, because I do. Y'all have made the last three years a blast, from the haters and trolls to the true fans.

For now though, I have to ensure my family's financial stability, especially since we moved. And chasing dreams doesn't pay the bills. At least not for me. Anymore anyway.

Hopefully one day I'll be set and won't have to work a 'normal' job or two or three to make ends meet and I will be able to get back into what I love doing because this hurts. Seriously.

Some of you are thinking the obvious; "Why not just work a 9-5 and design at night and on the weekends?" I wish. The cost of living is on the rise pretty much everywhere, while the minimum wage is stagnating. Now minimum wage shouldn't matter to an individual with my skill set, but there I'd a huge catch.

I'm a felon. Yeah, yeah. Almost ten years ago I sold some pot and a bag of mushrooms to an old friend who turned out to be working for the police. And that earned me a 5-Life sentence in the Utah State Prison. When it comes to finding decent work, the only places that will hire me are restaurants, garages and general contractors, all of whom pay as little as legally possible (with zero benefits). So, in effect, I need to be working as many hours that I can clock as possible because we are drowning here.

I hate it and it fucking sucks, but that's just the way it is. I'm disabling comments because this isn't an attention grab or anything like that, its just a quick blanket statement so y'all don't think I died or whatever. If you want, you can still hit me up on hangouts or shoot me an email if you need anything.*

With much love,

Alex M. (arandompackage)

*Refunds are for the Focus Beta only.
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+Alex Miller​ any chance if updating the pressor for cm 12?
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All great works take time :) I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out when you get to it
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Thanks for the invite 😸
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Not to be outdone by a "do-gooder", the evil twin of Banded, Inverse, has been updated and is now live on Google Play!

Same changelog as Banded*

*Shadows are for display only. Banded is still flat as fuck.
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The bad guys always win. 
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Any more broken icons for Influx?
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